Antwerp Central Railway Station – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Antwerp Railway station the Antwerpen-Centraal, otherwise known as Antwerp Central, is the main railway station in Antwerp, one of Belgium’s most important cities. It was built as a replacement for another railway station in 1895 to 1905 and is now regarded as the finest example of railway […]

World’s Greatest Bullet Trains

For Americans, bullet-trains are an anomaly.  They’re common in the western-world, awesome, and hi-tech.  However, unless an American has traveled overseas, they’ve likely never seen one, let alone experienced the thrill of riding via high-speed rail.  Below, are listed a number of these high-speed rail services, as well as a few actual bullet trains that […]

22 Train Stations from Across the Globe

In today’s modern world with airplanes jetting around the globe, sometimes we forget how travel got its big start. Cross country trains and railroads were one of the first big steps in making travel accessible to everyone. Major metropolises like New York City built enormous railway terminals like Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station to […]

Travel Japan with a Japan Rail Pass

Japan isn’t a huge country, but it’s long and skinny, so there are often quite large distances between the cities you might want to visit. By far the best way to get around Japan quickly is to use the Japan Rail network, which includes the famous shinkansen or bullet trains, as well as other fast […]

French strike tomorrow will wreak havoc

Travel around Europe may be a little difficult tomorrow, thanks to a 24-hour strike by members of France’s public transport unions. The strike will effectively shut down major parts of the French transportation infrastructure, but its effects will ripple outward and no doubt affect other parts of the European mainland. The French national railway stated […]