Southwest stops boarding families first

For as long as most of have been flying on airplanes, we’ve heard the initial call at the beginning of boarding that families with small children can go ahead and get on the plane. Southwest Airlines, which has a first-come-first-served open seating policy has decided to change those old rules. Families now have to board […]

What is Southwest Airlines Carry on Luggage Policy?

Southwest has a carry on luggage policy that must be closely followed. Additionally, passengers must also realize that they their carry on luggage is subject to TSA regulations. It is important to know all the details of Southwest’s carry on luggage policy before you head to the airport.

Does Southwest Charge for Heavy Baggage?

If you are flying Southwest, you need to be aware of the heavy baggage restrictions that are in place. In other words, your luggage must not exceed the limit set forth by the airline. If it does, you will either have to pay a fee, or if too heavy, you will only be able to […]

Southwest Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

If you are going to fly Southwest, you should be aware of their baggage restrictions as well as any corresponding charges. To go along with this, you will also want to familiarize yourself with the carry on policy. At this time, Southwest allows each passenger to check on two pieces of luggage free of charge. […]

Does Southwest Charge for Luggage?

Like all airlines, Southwest does charge for certain types of luggage. But of course, they have their own allowances and restrictions. If you are going to be flying Southwest in the near future, you will want to know what you can check free of charge and what you will have to pay for. This will […]

What are Southwest Luggage Policies?

On January 29, 2008, Southwest implemented a new baggage allowance policy. Each passenger is allowed to check two pieces of baggage. If you need to check a third bag, you will be charged a fee of $25. For bags four through nine, you will be charged $50 per piece. Any item in addition to this […]