Best Places to Shop in Orlando

Orlando is not just a paradise, it’s a shopper’s paradise. There’s great bargains to be found all over the city as well as shopping malls galore. After a morning of shopping, whether it’s for high-end fashion or discount outlet stores, you’ll be ready to work on your tan in a new bathing suit and out […]

Best Places to Shop in Seattle

Seattle is a lot of things and one of them is rainy. If you’re visiting Seattle or if you live there you should have at least a short list of great stores to shop in while you’re waiting to get outside and really enjoy this beautiful seaside city.

Best Places to Shop in Toronto

Toronto, the largest city in Canada and its economic and financial center, is a very international city. In fact, almost half of the city’s population was born outside of Canada. The diversity gives Toronto a very cosmopolitan flair. It was makes for some interesting shopping. Below are just a few of the best places to […]

Best Places to Shop in Miami

Miami’s mixture of cultures gives the city a vibrant and interesting ambiance. It also combines to offer a diverse selection of shops, from traditional malls to outlet stores to downtown shopping with a view of the harbor. Below is just a sampling of the best places to shop in Miami.

Best Places to Shop In Baltimore

Baltimore is somewhat of a shopper’s paradise with a huge variety of shopping destinations that satisfy the most die hard buyer and the most frugal window shopper at the same time. For those looking for something familiar and national retailers then a trip to Inner Harbor will satisfy your craving. Looking for something a bit […]

Best Places to Shop in Cleveland

It seems that every big city has figured out that to make the locals and the tourists happy there has to be shopping, and lots of it. Cleveland has joined the fray and it can truly be considered a shopping destination with its high end clothiers, its eclectic boutiques, all-in-one shopping malls, antique stores and […]

Best Places to Shop in Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona is one of those cities that is known for its incredible shopping. This desert city has found a way for people to beat the heat by bringing some of the best chain stores to town, featuring great discount retailers, and encouraging wonderful eclectic independent businesses. If you live in Phoenix you’re well aware […]

The Best Places to Shop in Dallas

Texans love to shop and no where is this more true than in Dallas. Here, shopping isn’t a chore, but an event–one to be planned in advance and to get dressed up for. Below are just a few of the many unique shopping venues in and around the “Big D.” The Galleria. This upscale shopping […]

Best Places to Shop in Las Vegas

You may not think of Las Vegas as a shopper’s paradise but it actually is the perfect shopping hot spot for the savvy shopper. Forget the overpriced jewelry and tacky souvenirs of the past, today shopping in Las Vegas is so much more with almost anything you could ever want.

Best Places to Shop in Chicago

Chicago is one of the best cities in the United States for shopping. You get big city fashions at Midwest prices, meaning it’s the best of both worlds. If you’ve got a little extra cash now this is the perfect time to hit the shopping hot spots in Chicago as retailers are dropping prices to […]