Fine Dining in Seattle

Top off a fantastic evening in Seattle by treating yourself to one of the city’s fine dining options. If you’re not from the Seattle area you’ll be delighted by the number and variety of fine dining options but there is also something to take note of, Seattle is becoming a very big foodie town and […]

Top Landmarks in Seattle

Seattle is a city of landmarks with its storied history and incredible beauty. The landmarks range from the amazing Space Needle to a Denny’s Restaurant. We’ve listed a few of the highlights and more interesting landmarks so you get a real feel for the history of Seattle and its remaining structures. The Space Needle The […]

Hot Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle is an usual place to dine because your get the wonderful combination of natural resources, waterfront locale, and an environmentalist attitude. Just add diners and stir and you’ve got the perfect recipe for incredible dining. So it’s no surprise that Seattle has some incredible hotspot dining restaurants that are not only drawing raves but […]

Historic Landmarks in Seattle

Seattle is a remarkable city with a storied past that even reaches under the city itself. Tourists heading to Seattle will be delighted to learn how many landmarks there are and how varied the city is, there is also the added benefit of the incredible beauty that surrounds the city.

Mount Si in North Bend, Washington – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Mount Si in North Bend, Washington You may know of North Bend from the show Twin Peaks. It’s located within an hour of the city of Seattle and is the perfect place for a day outdoors, especially in the summer months. In fact, this area is one […]

Puget Sound from Alki Beach – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Puget Sound and Seattle from Alki Beach Photo credit: joiseyshowaa

Best Places to Shop in Seattle

Seattle is a lot of things and one of them is rainy. If you’re visiting Seattle or if you live there you should have at least a short list of great stores to shop in while you’re waiting to get outside and really enjoy this beautiful seaside city.