Helpful iPhone Travel Apps

As a travel aid, the iPhone is a godsend.  All too often, we find ourselves on the road lamenting, “If only I was in front of my computer.  I could handle this in a second!”  But with the iPhone, we’re now in front of our computer wherever we are.

Book Review: One Planet from Lonely Planet

The old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words seems to hold true especially well for travel. Browsing through Lonely Planet’s One Planet: Inspirational Travel Photographs, a collection of some of the best photos from the Lonely Planet Images Library, will give you plenty of inspiration for your future travels; alternatively, you […]

Tour the World’s Smallest “Nations”

Lonely Planet’s Micro Nations is a travel guide book with a difference. It’s a tour of the world’s “micro nations” – tiny pieces of land that think they’re legitimate nations. Technically speaking, some of them are, at least according to a 1993 convention, but neither the United Nations or any other “real” country agree.

Hints on Taking the First Big Trip

With gap year travel becoming so popular and more and more young people finding time between school, college and working life to get out on the road for an extended period of time, the concept of the new Lonely Planet book The Big Trip should definitely interest a few readers. It’s the first edition of […]

Lonely Planet’s Year of Festivals Book Review

Deciding where to go on your next big trip is sometimes difficult – it’s a big, wide world out there. But now that I’ve got a copy of Lonely Planet’s new A Year of Festivals: A Guide To Having the Time of Your Life, choosing a destination gets easy, and it all depends on the […]

New 2009 Travel Guides from Lonely Planet

Guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has a bunch of new kinds of books coming out during 2009 – and a lot the emphasis seems to be on getting you a lot of information in a short time. There must be a growing market of travelers who want short web-like hits of information without the anecdotes of […]

Cruise New Zealand and Australia with Holland America

New Zealand has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful places on earth: comprised of two main islands, North Island and South Island, the country is nicknamed God’s Own Country and Paradise of the Pacific.