Top Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong: It’s the place where East meets West. A major Asian financial center that was once part of the British Empire, Hong Kong has absorbed people and cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver. Most people know it as a major shopping mecca. But there’s more to do here than open […]

Group Tours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become a haven for tourists, especially those visiting from China, and the city has learned to take advantage of their status as a tourism destination. One of the best ways to visit Hong Kong, especially if it’s your first trip to the city, is by joining a group tour. This way you’ll […]

Family Fun in Hong Kong

Despite its return to Chinese rule, Hong Kong is still a fantastic place for a vacation and if you are considering taking your kids with you, then there are heaps of possiblities for family fun here. It’s a great family destination because it’s exotic but pretty safe, and also has a few attractions which kids […]

Best International Parties

Maybe you’ve already been to all the big parties in the US. Or maybe you just want to see how your neighbors in the Global Village celebrate. But in case you were wondering, there’s a whole world of parties out there. Carnival- Rio de Janeiro Although Carnival is celebrated in towns and villages throughout Brazil […]