Group Tours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become a haven for tourists, especially those visiting from China, and the city has learned to take advantage of their status as a tourism destination. One of the best ways to visit Hong Kong, especially if it’s your first trip to the city, is by joining a group tour. This way you’ll […]

Group Tours in Baltimore

Baltimore isn’t typically on the top of most people’s list of dream vacations, but it’s a wonderful place to take a trip. There are so many things to see and do and such a diverse variety of highlights that the memories you make will rank up there with those you make on the most exotic […]

Group Tours in San Antonio

Remember the Alamo was a battle cry in the past but now it that has expanded and the entire city of San Antonio is worthy of more than just a passing glance. San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and the most visited in the state. Each year it is estimated that 20 […]

Tips for planning a girlfriend getaway

Between the demands of work, children and significant others it can be tough to even agree on a date for a girls’ night out, so if you’re planning to get away with the girls for any length of time, settle on a date first and stick to it. Make it far enough in advance to […]