A Greasy and Green Ride Across the US

Great travel books often arise out of journeys that are a little bit odd. Driving an old car right across the United States is not especially odd, but when it’s powered by the leftover fat and grease from fast food restaurants, then it’s certainly a bit unusual. And that’s the premise behind journalist Greg Melville’s […]

Book Review: Australia’s Best Eco-Friendly Holidays

Being an eco-friendly traveler is getting ever higher on the agenda these days and with the new Australia’s Best Eco-Friendly Holidays: Over 1,000 Unique Travel Experiences by Ken Eastwood, part of the Explore Australia series, there are plenty of opportunities for willing tourists to find sustainable and environmentally sound activities throughout Australia.

Green vs Green: Travel decisions based on money or environment

When it comes to U.S. travelers, green is key. A recent Travel Industry Association survey found that more than half of Americans would prefer consulting tourism industry professionals who are environmentally friendly. But eco-green is trumped by the greenback as just 14 percent of respondents said that they would make their decisions based on eco-consciousness […]

Eco Vacations For Everyone

When it comes to vacation ideas, green is the new black. Eco vacations are becoming more and more popular as travelers seek experiences that enable them to get close to nature without leaving a mark. So what’s an eco vacation and where do you find one?