Weekend Getaways in Dallas

Dallas is a fascinating city that is just full of different activities that appeal to each person in individual ways. This city is bustling with activity and makes you a firm believer in the motto of Dallas “Live Large. Think Big”. This city that is based on big dreams knows how to show its visitors […]

Free Things to do in Dallas

Dallas, like everything in Texas, is larger than life and loaded with activities for you and your family to enjoy. The only problem is that Dallas can also have a whopping big price tag attached to it too for visitors to the area. To combat this, we’ve collected a list of free things to do […]

Historic Landmarks in Dallas

Dallas Texas has quite an interesting past as it seemed to be an area everybody wanted but one that just wanted to run itself. Originally the area was settled by the Caddo Native Americans but that didn’t stop Spain and France from declaring the territory as theirs, simultaneously. Although it then officially become only a […]

Family Attractions in Dallas

Dallas is a great city for a family vacation as it’s loaded with things to do for every age. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas and this definitely applies to the list of Family Attractions in Dallas. Dallas World Aquarium The Dallas World Aquarium is pretty amazing for a landlocked city. The building […]

Nightclubs and Nightlife in Dallas

The saying is that everything is bigger in Texas certainly applies to the nightlife. The city of Dallas is just chock full of incredible nightclubs and the nightlife is just rocking.

The Best Places to Shop in Dallas

Texans love to shop and no where is this more true than in Dallas. Here, shopping isn’t a chore, but an event–one to be planned in advance and to get dressed up for. Below are just a few of the many unique shopping venues in and around the “Big D.” The Galleria. This upscale shopping […]

Museums in Dallas

Believe it or not, the city of Dallas is just rife with cultural and educational museums that offer visitors a chance to explore the way the world was, the way it can be and the beauty that exists within it. Use the following guide to find a Dallas museum that will give you the experience […]

Sightseeing in Dallas

A trip to Dallas is sure to leave you fueled with the energy of this big southern city. Only the third largest city in Texas, Dallas is also the ninth largest city in the United States; what can I say, the grow them bigger in Texas.  Founded in 1841, Dallas was formally incorporated as a […]