Etiquette for business travel

You’re traveling with co-workers–or the boss–and you’re not quite sure what rules apply. On the one hand, you’re out of the office on something like a vacation and you think that the etiquette might be relaxed a bit. On the other hand, you don’t want your co-workers remembering you as that guy who got hungover […]

Tips for women traveling alone

It’s estimated that women now constitute nearly half of all the business travelers in America.  Here are a few basic tips for women traveling alone on business.
Never tell anyone you are traveling alone: If you meet someone on the airplane, at the hotel or in a business meeting, never say you are traveling alone. If […]

Travel Hack: How To Beat Jet Lag

Travelling across time zones can be an exciting part of a vacation. Any shock you might experience at the changing time is absorbed by the relaxed nature of your adventure and the extra time you have to sleep. But what about business travellers who travel often and need to hit the ground running when they […]

Discounts on air travel

Small businesses have to travel to compete with the big guys, but they can’t always afford to pay like their competition. To level the playing field it’s essential to get as many discounts as you can, whenever you can. Use the following tips to get some discounts on your next business flight.

Travel on holidays. Airlines […]