What are Jet Blue Luggage Policies?

Just like most airlines, Jet Blue has recently updated their luggage policy. If you are going to be flying as a Jet Blue passenger in the near future, you will want to be aware of the current luggage policy as well as any changes that are scheduled for the future. Jet Blue allows each passenger […]

The 3-1-1 of air travel

Frequent business travelers have airport security down to a science, but for people who only make the occasional trip, the Transportation Security Administration has published its 3-1-1 tips to help you understand the current security process.
Three stands for how many ounces of a liquid or gel you can bring on board. Transfer your liquids or […]

Does British Airways Charge for Heavy Baggage?

If you are flying British Airways it is important to be aware of the heavy baggage fees that you may face. Of course, if you are smart about the way you pack your luggage you can avoid these fees. While this is not always possible, it is a goal that you should have. Why pay […]

Does United Airlines Charge for Luggage?

If you are going to fly in today’s world, you need to know that some airlines charge for checked luggage. This is becoming more and more common. Airlines are losing more money than ever before, and by charging for checked baggage they can add an additional stream of income.

Southwest stops boarding families first

For as long as most of have been flying on airplanes, we’ve heard the initial call at the beginning of boarding that families with small children can go ahead and get on the plane. Southwest Airlines, which has a first-come-first-served open seating policy has decided to change those old rules. Families now have to board […]

What is US Airways Carry on Luggage Policy?

Like every airline, US Airways has a carry on luggage policy that must be followed. This holds true no matter where you are flying to and from, or your status as a passenger. You are permitted to carry on one bag as well as one personal item. Your personal item can include a purse, laptop […]

What are US Airways Luggage Policies?

US Airways updated their luggage policy on July 9, 2008. If you are going to fly US Air you need to be aware of the new policy, and how this will affect your luggage and carry on baggage.

What are Virgin Atlantic Luggage Policies?

If you are flying Virgin Atlantic you need to be aware of their luggage policies. This holds true for bags that you will check, as well as items that you may wish to carry on with you. While Virgin Atlantic is not too strict in this area, you should realize that there are some details […]

What are Delta Airlines Luggage Policies?

Delta recently updated their luggage policy. For passengers flying this airline in the near future, it is very important to be aware of these policies and how they will affect your trip. As you know, every airline is different when it comes to their luggage policy. The more you know before you leave for the […]

Does Delta Airlines Charge for Luggage?

Delta charges for luggage in some cases, and you need to be aware of these fees before heading to the airport. It is much easier to pack and plan for your trip when you are aware of the charges that you may face during check in. At this time, Delta allows passengers flying within the […]

Does Southwest Charge for Luggage?

Like all airlines, Southwest does charge for certain types of luggage. But of course, they have their own allowances and restrictions. If you are going to be flying Southwest in the near future, you will want to know what you can check free of charge and what you will have to pay for. This will […]

What is United’s Carry on Luggage Policy?

For worldwide travel, United has a carry on luggage policy that must be adhered to as a passenger. You may carry on one personal item, such as a purse, briefcase, laptop computer, etc. To go along with this, each passenger is also allowed to carry on one bag.

US Airways Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

Flying US Airways means that you need to be aware of baggage restrictions, luggage charges, and carry on policies. Just like every airline, they have policies that you must adhere to. It is better to be aware of US Airways baggage than to be surprised at check-in.

How to Avoid Being Stranded at the Airport

How to avoid being stranded in the airport, in the US, an increasing number of flights are canceled or delayed on a regular basis, this is a becoming a common problem more travelers have to face. This winter’s severe snowstorms caused thousands of flights to be canceled costing the airlines an estimated $150 million in losses, […]

Does Jet Blue Charge for Heavy Baggage?

If you are flying Jet Blue, you need to be aware of their baggage policies; including those for heavy baggage. While you may never have to deal with this, if you are carrying a bag that is a bit heavier than normal there is a good chance that you will be charged an extra fee. […]

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Alaska Airlines serves 55 destinations between the US, Canada, and Mexico and offers competitive pricing in many of the popular markets especially on the West Coast.
The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan rewards you with 500 bonus miles at signup. With your Mileage Plan account, your preferences are stored, which saves you time and it allows you […]

Does US Airways Charge for Luggage?

The question of whether or not US Airways charges for luggage has become more and more common as of late. As of July 9, 2008, US Airways does charge certain fees for luggage. That being said, you need to know if these fees apply to you and whether or not you can get around them.

What is Alaska Airlines Carry on Luggage Policy?

When flying on an Alaska Airlines flight you need to be aware of the carry on luggage policy. This may allow you to skip the baggage checking process and the fees that go along with it. Alaska Airlines allows each passenger to carry on one bag as well as one personal item. This may not […]

Delta Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

Delta, like every airline, has baggage restrictions, luggage charges, and a carry on policy that passengers need to be aware of. Before you decide to fly on Delta you should learn more about these restrictions and fees to ensure that you are making the right decision for your trip. At this time, Delta charges $25 […]

What are American Luggage Policies?

American updated their luggage policy in June 2008. If you are flying American it is important to know that they impose many fees, and have strict regulations when it comes to the size and weight of your luggage.