Spas in San Francisco

It’s not hard to imagine why people leave their heart in San Francisco when you look at how many incredible spas are in the city, you could easily melt away and fall in love with the town. The following spas are popular and well rated spas in San Francisco that are worthy of your love.

77 Maiden Lane Salon & Spa

77 Maiden Lane Salon & Spa is a wonderful little spa that has been in business for more than 20 years and has designed a complete menu for both men and women. Some of their massage treatments include foot reflexology, hot stone massage, loofah salt glow, moor mud body treatments, in addition to standard massage, and packages that can include hand, leg and foot treatments. Ask for special customization packages or deals for multiple visits.

Kabuki Springs & Spa

Kabuki Springs & Spa is what it sounds like, it’s a Japanese style bathing facility with an extensive list of services including some exotic treatments in pan-Asian style. Taking their lead from ancient Japanese traditions, the public baths of Japan were designed to encourage harmony and relaxation as is the communal bath at Kabuki. Of course Kabuki Springs & Spa is located in the Japantown section of San Francisco.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay

Typically a hotel spa is like a hotel restaurant, high on price and low on quality, but the Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay is one exception to that generalization. The hotel sits atop a bluff with views of the coast and this spa resort offers you some of the best, most relaxing views around. The spa is designed to take the serenity of that view and transfer it to you with their relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal services.

Recharge Medical and Day Spa

Recharge Medical and Day Spa is a boutique spa that provides state of the art cosmetic medical services in addition to luxurious spa services. This is the place to go if you want a total redo; mind, body and soul. In addition to getting a truly full menu of services and cosmetic services spa guests at Recharge Medical and Day spa receive Asian tea, spring water, a shoulder rub with facials, hand or foot services, and medical procedure consults, all at no charge.

Remede Spa

Laboratoire Remede brings science, nature and the senses together to give you anti-aging treatments for your skin that refresh and renew while you relax. One of the key elements to the success of Remede Spa is that they understand that no two people have the same skin or complexion and they’ve designed their treatments around this concept, giving you a personalized skincare system. But don’t be mislead, Remede Spa does not only provide facial treatments, they have a unique set of body remedies as well.


Kamalaspa has created a reputation of upscale spa services that has garnered quite a following. In fact they’ve become so popular that after just three years they closed their doors to expand and offer more cutting edge services in addition to their noted use of the healing art of Ayurveda. One of the more popular additions is the inclusion of luxury couples rooms that feature incredible views of Union Square.

Spa Radiance

Spa Radiance has earned a reputation for its excellence in skin care led by owners Angelina Umansky and Galina Rovner. Their specialized treatments have drawn A-list clients from all over and have made them one of the top spas in San Francisco. At Spa Radiance you can choose from their full menu of spa treatments, schedule a few medical treatments, experience acupuncture, or create your own package to take advantage of the best treatments for you.

Spa Claremont

Tucked inside the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa is a spa that is deserving of attention. Spa Claremont doesn’t just hit the basics but creates an atmosphere of relaxation with everything from a simply facial to a yoga class or acupuncture. And prior to your treatment you can enjoy the steam room, Jacuzzi or lounge. If you’re visiting the San Francisco area you might want to check in to the Claremont and never leave.

Spa Vitale

Not to be outdone by the other hotel spas, Hotel Vitale developed Spa Vitale and gave it prime real estate atop the hotel in the penthouse. The location gives it some of the most incredible city and water views around with a stunning view of the Bay Bridge. The spa is small so services are intimate and private. Try the unique bathing ritual after your massage treatment to complete the relaxation experience.


Tru is a modern approach to spa therapy, rather than giving their guests a complete day of indulgence, they cater to your busy lifestyle with quick pampering treatments that fit into your schedule. Treatments get to the heart of the matter and address your issues in an efficient and effective way without wasting your time in fancy lounges with cups of overpriced tea. The services menu is very complete and also includes a list of treatments designed for men and couples, if you can find the time to get away together.

Chakra Salon Spa

Chakra Salon Spa is San Francisco’s largest Aveda concept salon and spa. This expansive urban oasis uses pure botanical ingredients and customized treatments to give you the results that Aveda is known for. If you have some time constraints and want to work a treatment in between your work day or heavy sightseeing schedule then look into their quick 30 minute treatments. The quick treatments are a perfect way to unwind after a flight to San Francisco, schedule your spa visit immediately after you arrive and start your journey off on the right foot.

Believe it or not, these are just a handful of spas in the San Francisco area. There are several more spas that offer facilities that are just as incredible and relaxing, treatments that are targeted to your specific needs and desires so look around until you find just what you’re looking for because you’re almost guaranteed to find it in one of the spas in San Francisco.