Southwest Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

If you are going to fly Southwest, you should be aware of their baggage restrictions as well as any corresponding charges. To go along with this, you will also want to familiarize yourself with the carry on policy.

At this time, Southwest allows each passenger to check on two pieces of luggage free of charge. When compared to other airlines, this is one of the best deals out there. Most of the competition has begun to charge an additional fee for more than one bag.

That being said, there are weight and size allowances that must be adhered to. If you need to check a bag that is larger than the limits, you will be subjected to a fee of up to $110 per item. While not the largest fee in the airline industry, it is something to keep in mind if you are going to be traveling with overweight luggage.

Southwest allows each passenger to carry on one bag, as well as one smaller personal-type item such as a camera bag, purse, or briefcase.

It is easy to see that Southwest is trying to cater to their passengers by not placing too many restrictions or fees on them. But even then, passengers must be aware of the restrictions and other rules that are in place.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ack Ook