Smart Travel: Know The “Best Practices” Of Adventure Activities

When you pack for a trip, there is one item that could mean a ruined trip or even loss of life if your forget it:

Bring your common sense.

Going on an adventure should not cost you your life! As reported by, a group of more than 130 people were recently rescued after the ice they were fishing on broke away from the shoreline ice and began to float away. One man was pronounced dead after falling into the frigid waters and being transported to a local hospital. Now, if you’d been on a trip to Ohio, USA and decided to try your hand at ice fishing on Lake Erie with some locals, how would you have avoided being one of the people left drifting on a piece of ice?[youtube][/youtube]

  1. Once you have an itinerary for your trip, make a list of the activities you know you definitely want to try while you’re in specific areas.
  2. Take your list of ideas and spend a few minutes online to find reputable sources for information on that activity. Personal travel blogs and sites that use free hosting services (aka professionalhangglidingtrips dot blogspot dot com) are good to read stories, but not for concrete information.
  3. Once you know a bit about the activities you want to try, list each activity on a piece of paper. Under each listing, write down a few things you noticed about how professionals approach each activity.

For example:

  • Ice fishing on large bodies of water can be very dangerous following a spell of warm weather because the ice tends to crack and break up as it melts.

Just a bit of research by the Ohio fisherman would have saved his life. A sense of adventure will make your trips and activities a real joy. Just make sure you bring your common sense and equip yourself with enough information to make good choices along the way.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Viscoptic