Six Flags Great Adventure

Located in , Six Flags Great Adventure is conveniently located just 67 miles from New York City, 58 miles from Newark, and 60 miles from Philadelphia. The park features incredible rides, themes, and adventures packed into a Wild Safari area, amusement park, water park, and Hurricane Harbor (think serious water park).

Six Flags Great Adventure is divided into several sections. Main Street is the first area you’ll see upon entering the park, and features many of the park’s main shops and eateries. Fantasy Forest, just off Main Street, features many “fantastical” rides, such as Fantasy Fling, everyone’s favorite spinning ride. The Lakefront section will wind you along the banks of a lake, and is home to treasure such as Buccaneer (the pirate ship) and Jolly Roger, another spin ride. The Golden Kingdom features one of the park’s most popular rides, Kingda Ka, as well as other rides and several amazing tiger shows.

If Great Adventure is known for anything, though, it would be the park’s incredible rides. The Guinness Book of World Records reports that, at 72 attractions, Six Flags Great Adventure has more rides than any other amusement park in the world. Of course, Great Adventure’s reputation largely focuses around its awesome and thrilling roller coasters:

  • Nitro: This steel roller coaster opened in 2001, and at the time was the tallest, fastest roller coaster in New Jersey, featuring a 540-degree helix spin, a 215-foot heart-lurching drop at 66°, and boasting speeds of an incredible 80 miles per hour.
  • Medusa East: Medusa is a steel roller coaster life few other: its main draw (and terror) is that it has no floor. Debuting in 1999, Medusa East was the first roller coast of its kind and features vertical loops, diving loops, a fantastic Zero G roll, a Cobra Roll, and interlocking corkscrews.
  • The Great American Scream Machine: A steel roller coaster build in 1989, the Great American Scream Machine tops speeds of 68 miles per hour, features three loops, a batwing, and a double corkscrew.
  • Rolling Thunder: Opening in 1979, Rolling Thunder was the park’s first racing wooden roller coaster and, though it is older than some of the park’s other offerings, it still thrills guests with its clickety-clack sounds as it sends them tumbling down drops and around curves.
  • Batman & Robin: The Chiller: This roller coaster is unique for the fact that occupants can choose one of the two tracks (Batman or Robin), launching forwards, stopping, and then racing backward to the end, which is, of course, also the beginning
  • Batman: The Ride: This thrilling roller coaster features a 109-foot first drop, speed of approximately 50 miles per hour, and a enjoyable Batman theme throughout the duration of the ride.
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight: Premiering at Great Adventure in 2003, Superman: Ultimate Flight begins as an inverted roller coaster, tilting forward to 90 degrees before leaving the station, thus putting its occupants in the flying position we all associate with Superman.
  • El Toro: Opening in 2006, El Toro (Spanish for “The Bull”) is the park’s latest wooden roller coaster and, at 76°, features the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world. It is also the third fastest, at 70 miles per hour, and third tallest, at 180 feet.
  • Kingda Ka: Currently the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka hurtles forward, going from 0 to 128 mph in an amazing 3.5 seconds. This rapid acceleration pulls about 1.67 G’s, before tumbling a terrifying 418 feet STRAIGHT down through a 270° spiral. After this gut-wrenching dip, the coaster climbs a second 129-foot hill, creating a moment of weightlessness for its passengers, before coming to a surprisingly smooth stop.

With so many rides to pump adrenaline through your veins, it kind of makes you want to buy a season pass.

Creative Commons License photo credit: naturegirl 78