Singapore’s JetQuay terminal

Business travelers flying into Singapore’s Changi Airport can avoid the long queues at passport control at JetQuay, the terminal’s “elite gateway.”

JetQuay is basically a separate terminal for travelers who are CIP (Commercially Important Persons). For a fee of between S$150 and S$350 (around US$100 – $250), JetQuay offers three levels of service named Gateway, Quayside and Jetside, progressively offering higher and higher levels of personalized service and an easier route through the arrivals or departures process.

Typically, you could be met off your flight by a special buggy to drive you to the separate terminal. While you wait for your documents to be processed, you’ll be able to sit back in a comfortable lounge and have a coffee. If you’re departing, you also have access to private rooms or a boardroom if you want to hold a predeparture meeting. Amenities also include a gym, Internet access, spa treatment and special rooms where you can take a quick nap before your journey continues.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: jeremyfoo

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