Singapore’s Changi Airport Gets Even Bigger

As a hub for flying between the northern hemisphere and Asia or Australia, Singapore’s Changi Airport has long been a major stopover for many travelers. And Changi Airport has often received great reviews for reliable service and a huge array of shopping and entertainment options for those long hours between flights.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Opens January 9, 2008

As of today, Changi Airport has got even bigger. The new Terminal 3 building has been close to complete for some months, and today marks the first official use of the new facilities. Singapore Airlines will be the first to use the terminal, and in the future flights headed to the USA, western Europe, Australia and Hong Kong will make the most use of Terminal 3. Terminal 2 will continue to be used by flights bound for India, Indonesia and the Maldives, among others.

Keeping Ahead of Rivals

With the new Terminal 3 adding a capacity of around 22 million passengers, Changi Airport will now be able to handle about 70 million passengers a year. There will be eight gates specially designed to accommodate the Airbus A380. With competition in the region hotting up – for example, Bangkok’s bid to make its new airport a central hub of Asia, despite experiencing many problems – Changi Airport is positioning itself pretty strongly with the new terminal.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Bee.Kirawa

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