Sightseeing in Los Angeles

If you’re planning a vacation to Los Angeles, you might want to change your ticket to accommodate a longer trip than originally planned because you’re going to quickly discover that there’s so much to do in this city that you’ll never want to go home. You can spend an entire vacation just enjoying the beaches of Los Angeles. You can check out the entertainment scene, especially the comedy clubs that have launched the careers of some of the funniest people in Hollywood. You can check out the theme park attractions. You can go shopping in some of the most famous shopping districts in the world. And you can dine in restaurants owned by celebrities and celebrity chefs. You won’t be bored for a minute no matter how long you stay in Los Angeles because there is just so much to see.

Here’s a quick guide to the sightseeing stops that you’ll want to see in Los Angeles.

Major Los Angeles Attractions

These are the not-to-miss sightseeing spots for the Los Angeles visitor:

  • Hollywood Boulevard. A majority of the attractions that are available for the average person to enjoy in Los Angeles are those located in this celebrity-oriented area. Check out Mann’s Chinese Theater. Look for the stars on the sidewalk bearing the names of your favorite famous people. Check out the Hollywood Entertainment Museum. And take lots of pictures because these are the things people come to Los Angeles to see.
  • Sunset Boulevard. Take a drive along this twenty-two mile boulevard to see some of the famous sights of Los Angeles. Get yourself a star map and see if you can find the homes that celebrities live in today. This street’s been mentioned frequently in pop culture (including a well-known movie of the same name) so it’s a place you’ll want to see if you’re doing a tour of Los Angeles.
  • Queen Mary. This is a historic ship that is docked in the Los Angeles area. People go here because they want to learn some maritime history. They also go here because it’s a place that’s reportedly haunted which makes for some interesting tour experiences.

Los Angeles Beaches

There are many different beaches in Los Angeles but these are some of the must-see ones:

  • Muscle Beach and Venice Beach. This area is a popular tourist attraction where you can go to see performance artists and pick up kitschy beach souvenirs. Eat hot dogs sold by vendors. Watch the bodybuilders flex their muscles. And join the throngs of people rollerblading along the sidewalk here.
  • Santa Monica Beach and Pier. This is a great place for families to go because it offers a little bit of something for everyone. The pier has fishing and it has arcade games as well as rides for the kids. Summer nights are filled with music at the arena here and summer days are filled with beach activities of all kinds.
  • Malibu. Head north of Los Angeles to this famous beach where you can enjoy a great time, watch some amazing surfers and see some really terrific views of the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles Comedy Clubs and Nightlife

Los Angeles has numerous comedy clubs and dance clubs that are must-stop spots for many of its visitors. Here are some to consider:

  • The Comedy Store. This is one of the most famous comedy clubs in Los Angeles and a good choice for people who are hoping to see stand-up from someone who might end up being famous one day. Current comedy celebrities often make drop-in appearances here which is a major part of what sightseeing in L.A. is all about.
  • Laugh Factory. Another highly popular comedy club in Los Angeles is this one which is sure to make you laugh and make some memories for your trip to the region.
  • Garden of Eden. This is a massive nightclub that’s been known to seat celebrities in its VIP section but is a great choice for anyone looking to have a great night on the town during a Los Angeles vacation.

Los Angeles Theme Parks

These are the fun spots that draw people to the Los Angeles area:

  • Disneyland. There are a large number of people who come to Los Angeles solely for the purpose of going to Disneyland. If you’ve never been there then it’s something that you absolutely have to check out at least once in your life.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain. People who are looking for more thrilling rides are going to want to skip Disneyland and go to Six Flags instead. The terrifying rollercoasters and freefall drops will excite anyone who loves those things.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood. Los Angeles is attractive to people who love the movies. They can be explored up-close-and-personal at this theme park destination that everyone loves to visit. Frightening rides, behind-the-scenes filming and education about movie history can all be found here.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm. Groups with younger kids who have already done the Disneyland thing might like to check out this fun family theme park.

Los Angeles Shopping

If you’re interested in buying things while you’re in Los Angeles, these are the places you’ll be inclined to go:

  • Rodeo Drive. This shopping area is of historic interest to Los Angeles visitors but the stores are entirely modern and all too pricey for most people to do anything more than window shopping. Nevertheless, the shopping experience here is very fun and very L.A.
  • Santa Monica. There is a huge shopping district around 3rd Street in Santa Monica. You can leave the beach and go straight into the stores. Mostly these are name-brand stores that you’d be likely to find in a mall. However, this is open-air shopping that lets you enjoy the California sun while you browse. And there are street performers here to entertain you during your stay.
  • Los Angeles Fashion District. There aren’t too many cities in the United States that really stand out as hot spots for fashion but Los Angeles is one of them. Get some great picks for your closet by shopping in this well-known area of the city.

Los Angeles Restaurants

There are a million great restaurants in the Los Angeles area but the sightseeing visitor will want to check out the famous ones that are owned by celebrities. Here are some top picks:

  • Madre’s Restaurant. This is a quaint little restaurant serving food straight out of a Latin American kitchen. It’s famous because it’s owned by J.Lo. and there’s a good chance that you’re going to see some of her famous friends hanging out if you get reservations to this place.
  • Beso. This is a new restaurant that’s part of a venture that Eva Longoria is involved in. It’s one of the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles so you’ll have something to write home about it if you eat here.
  • Milky Way. Steven Spielberg’s mother is the cook at this family-friendly restaurant so it’s intricately linked with the Los Angeles way of life.

A Little Bit of Everything in L.A.

You can enjoy just about any type of activity that you want in Los Angeles. If you want to have a good trip here then you should try to fit in a little bit of everything. See the beaches, see the theme parks, see the major areas of attraction. An excess of activities is really what Los Angeles is all about.

Creative Commons License photo credit: monkeytime | brachiator