Sightseeing in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio might not be the first place you think of for a summer vacation, but think again. The city, located along the shores of Lake Erie is home to a wealth of attractions as well as delightful, temperate summer temperatures and gentle lake breezes. Below is just a sampling of what the “North Coast” has to offer.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – This distinctive museum (shaped like a record-player from the above) chronicles the history of Rock and Roll, from the early 1950s to the present. The “Rock Hall,” located at the downtown Cleveland waterfront, houses a treasure trove of music memorabilia as well as headphones throughout so that you can listen to the music of a new or a favorite artist.

Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland is home to a number of excellent museums, but none compares to the Cleveland Museum of Art, located in the city’s University Circle cultural district, just east of downtown. The museum’s collection includes an extensive collection of Impressionist paintings and sculpture, medieval art, and Asian art. Best yet, admission is free. (Note: the museum is currently closed for construction; it will partially reopen on June 29, 2008.)

Cleveland Sports – No discussion of Cleveland attractions is complete without including mention of Cleveland sports. Whether it’s Cleveland Browns football in the fall and winter, Cleveland Indians baseball during the summer, or LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers during the fall, winter, and spring, there’s always a game to attend.

Lake Erie – The lake is never far away in Cleveland and it provides a wealth of activities, such as the beaches that line the coastline (try Huntington Beach in Bay Village or Mentor Headlands in Lake County), the plethora of wineries that thrive near the lake, fishing for yellow perch or walleye, and the many historic lighthouses that dot the coast (Lorain, Vermilion, and Fairport Harbor have good examples.)

Cedar Point – America’s favorite amusement park (according to “Theme Parks” magazine), Cedar Point, is located just an hour’s drive west of Cleveland. The park, open from mid-May to the end of October, features 17 roller coasters, more than any other amusement park in the world as well as water rides, a children’s area, live entertainment, and a long stretch of white sand beach.
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