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Sharks … while most of us have a healthy respect for sharks, for those who are willing to journey down from our world into theirs, there is beauty to be found …

In this picture Thomas Vignaud captured the transition from our world into theirs. The lush green island is Moorea located in French Polynesia, below the water a black tipped reef shark.

Shark with what they don't see.-Autopsea896Creative Commons License Photo credit: Autopsea

Shark with what they don

The South Pacific is well known for being an excellent shark dive location, its crystal clear blue waters provide excellent opportunities to observe sharks such as this picture taken near Rangiroa.

Swimming with Sharks!-SF Brit268Creative Commons License Photo credit: SF Brit

Swimming with Sharks in Rangiroa

For true shark fans nothing can measure up to cage diving and shark feeding with a great white shark as shown in this picture from Gansbaai, South Africa.

-Deon Maritz157Creative Commons License Photo credit: Deon Maritz

-Deon Maritz157

While South Africa is one of more famous great white diving locations, you can also find them all over the world. This picture below was taken from Isla Guadalupe, Mexico by Ken Bondy, and shows the size and power of a great white.

White shark-Ken Bondy963Creative Commons License Photo credit: Ken Bondy

White Shark

Of course images of great white sharks are not immune from a bit of humor, such as this photoshopped image below. There are a few versions floating around the internet with different foreground characters. Another famous shark hoax picture has great white attacking a helicopter. Although the shark following a kayak off Capetown Africa is real and should be seen.

the teen, the shark-egarc2255Creative Commons License Photo credit: egarc2

the teen, the shark

We’re completely out of our element in the water, and sharks are right at home, so it can sometimes be a bit unsettling, if one sneaks up behind you and gives you a little nudge.

Photo credit: Oceanic Dreams

Wolfgang Leander

However some brave divers are comfortable enough to touch or even ride a shark.

Tiger shark & brave women-Iggy.675Creative Commons License Photo credit: Iggy.

Tiger shark & brave women

This is not something we recommend trying at home …

Touch!-Iggy.764Creative Commons License Photo credit: Iggy.


If you aren’t comfortable going for a dive there are lots of aquariums with sharks that you can view comfortably from behind a thick window. This photo below is of a nurse shark in the Cincinnati Aquarium.

Shark-Jeff Kubina96Creative Commons License Photo credit: Jeff Kubina

Shark-Jeff Kubina96

Both the Atlanta Aquarium and Okinawa Aquarium have the largest of all sharks, the whale shark on display.

whale shark-cotaro70s93Creative Commons License Photo credit: cotaro70s

whale shark

Here’s a black tip reef shark from Australian Aquarium,

Shark-StormyDog873Creative Commons License Photo credit: StormyDog


and another from La Rochelle, France Aquarium.

Shark-Jonas Witt19Creative Commons License Photo credit: Jonas Witt

Shark-Jonas Witt19

Here’s a bull shark one of the more aggressive types of shark you can encounter, when diving.

Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas)-eloyhouse396Creative Commons License Photo credit: eloyhouse

Bull shark

Here’s a basking shark a very peaceful shark off the coast of Cornwall England, with a few swimmers brave enough to come out and join it.

basking sharks at porthcurno-candiche409Creative Commons License Photo credit: candiche

basking sharks at Cornwall

Thanks to all the photgrpahers who gave us special permission to use their pictures. If you’d like to see more pictures check out the Shark Lovers Group and Sharks Around the World group on flickr.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: hermanusbackpackers