Shark Information Websites

Anybody interested in sharks can find plenty of free information online. You don’t have to do your own research or buy hundreds of dollars in books to learn more about sharks and related topics. Once you know which websites about sharks are the best, you can rely on them to increase your knowledge base.

Here are some of the top websites about sharks that you do not want to miss:

1. The National Shark Research Consortium. This organization is made up of four shark research organizations: the Pacific Shark Research Center, the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory, the Florida Program for Shark Research, and the Shark Research Program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. With information being pulled from so many top notch organizations you can only imagine how much you can learn on this site. You will find everything from research results to basic information on the different species.

2. Shark Research Institute. Is there something you don’t understand about sharks? If so, you should visit the Shark Research Institute website. They focus on correcting the many misconceptions surrounding sharks. To go along with this, the Shark Research Institute puts a lot of time into fighting against the killing of sharks. The shark science and education sections of the website offer plenty of educational information.

3. Those who want to learn the basics of sharks, while also viewing many high quality photos and videos, should visit this website often. This is one of the best educational websites on sharks. Some of the most popular categories include species, photos, videos, and facts.

The above three shark websites are popular for many reasons. If you are interested in any aspect of sharks, you should visit all three sites to see what you can find. You will not be disappointed.