Serve the People: Jen Lin-Liu on Cooking in China

Plenty of travelers are also big fans of eating, and especially of trying the local cuisine – which makes Jen Lin-Liu’s new book Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China sound very interesting. Since Lin-Liu has gone on to found the Black Sesame Cooking School in Beijing, she seems the right person to write about food and China.

Lin-Liu was raised in California but moved to China on a Fulbright Scholarship in 2000 – and stayed. She enrolled in a cooking school and began to learn all about real Chinese food – and a lot of this knowledge is shared in the book, along with about two dozen recipes, tucked into the narrative, so that you can try it out yourself if your mouth is watering. The characters Lin-Liu meets throughout the book, but especially as a result of her cooking school experiences, give a great insight into the lives of the people of modern day China.

Throughout her account of her experiences in China, Lin-Liu also travels to various parts of the country and she explores numerous restaurants with varying results. Serve the People is not a book you can read if you’re feeling hungry; but if your stomach is full and your keen on both Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine, then it makes a good accompaniment.

Creative Commons License photo credit: moriza