Scuba Diving in Hawaii

If you enjoy scuba diving, Hawaii is a fantastic destination that offers great diversity for scuba divers. Hawaii is made up of over 100 individual islands, with scuba diving locations positioned most prominently on six of those islands.

While the journey from island to island is relatively short, the scuba diving at each location offers a new and distinct adventure. By planning a vacation to Hawaii, you can enjoy many diverse underwater explorations all within a defined radius.

While it’s possible to scuba dive on your own, it’s oftentimes a much better experience if you utilize a scuba diving company. These companies take you on guided scuba diving adventures, helping to ensure you find the best locations while being trained in keeping you safe. Prices are reasonable and most companies can cater to groups of any size.

For the six most prominent scuba diving islands, here are the most highly recommended scuba diving companies:

Hawaii, locally called The Big Island, has a variety of scuba diving companies that offer unique services. One of those companies, Big Island Divers, offers great packages that are perfect for scuba divers of any level of experience. Big Island Divers also offer scuba diving lessons to those new to the hobby.

The island of Kauai offers world class scuba diving to many of its natural wonders around the island. The scuba diving company Kauai Aquatics Scuba offers a scuba diving service with particular attention to safety while it takes you on your guided adventures.

On the island of Lanai, a great scuba diving company is Extended Horizons Scuba Tours. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has a great reputation with locals and tourists alike. Extended Horizons Scuba Tours offer packages to over 50 different locations.

If you are an experienced scuba diver, Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures would be perfect for you. Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures is a diving company that caters to skilled scuba divers who want to go on challenging dives.

While Molokai is arguably the least visited of these six islands, it offers some of the area’s most beautiful underwater scenery. Molokai Fish and Dive takes you on scuba diving trips around the island’s vast yet secluded barrier reef.

With Island Divers Hawaii, you can journey on scuba diving tours around the island of Oahu. A unique feature offered by Island Divers Hawaii is the option to go on guided tours of sunken ships around the island.

Whether you choose to dive at a popular tourist location or from a little known retreat, Hawaii’s diverse islands have so many options you will certainly find a dive suitable to your price range and level of expertise.
By: Steve DunleavyCC BY 2.0