Safely Traveling for Pets with a Doggy Car Seat

The frequent traveler and pet lover are often one in the same but traveling with your pet isn’t always easy and at times it’s downright dangerous. Being responsible for your pet’s health and safety is your obligation and if you’re going to take to the road with a beloved pooch in tow then a dog car seat is a travel must.

At first blush it may seem silly, I mean it’s clear that Fido loves riding in the car with his head hanging out of the window but it’s just not safe for you or him. First of all it’s just as important that your pets ride in the back seat as it is that your children do. Quick stops, even from slow speeds can propel little pets into the windshield. Airbags can also cause them great injury if they’re deployed. And you also want to keep them out of your laps at all times. This is not just dangerous for you and your pet, but for everyone else on the road.

The best thing is the safely (and comfortably) secure your pet in the back seat where they’ll be as safe as they can during your travels. Check out for some excellent pet restraint systems that you can use during your vacations to ensure that both you and your pets arrive in one piece, safe and sound.

Creative Commons License photo credit: cayenne2006