New Rough Guides for 2008

If you’re a fan of Rough Guides travel guides, you might be interested in knowing what destinations are getting new books during 2008

  • Back in May, Rough Guides published their new guide to Buenos Aires. It’s their first edition for this city and includes outlying suburbs as well as downtown BA, and claims to have better maps than any other guide book to the city.
  • In June, the first edition of a guide to Los Angeles and Southern California came out. This seems a fairly well-trampled area and might not really need a guide book – but the Rough Guides book tries to set itself apart by delving deep into the local history, including Hollywood.
  • A first edition guide to Korea – both South Korea and North Korea – came out in August, with naturally a much larger focus on South Korea and the hotspots from Seoul in the north to Jeju Island in the south.
  • In September a first Rough Guide specifically for East Coast Australia was released, covering the Queensland coast and working down through Sydney to Melbourne, but it also covers common side trips like flying to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory, and less common side trips like visiting the Torres Strait Islands.