Romantic Destinations in Paris

Paris is known as the city of love and it’s often a romantic destination for lovers looking to take their relationship to a new level or to rekindle an old flame. But once you arrive in Paris where do you go to actually experience the romance?

Eiffel Tower

The iconic Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable structures in the world and considered one of the most romantic. There are three levels for tourists to visit with the first two featuring restaurants that are perfect for a couple looking for a romantic escape with a view. In the winter months the first desk is turned into an ice rink which is also an incredibly romantic way to spend some time with your loved one. If you’re thinking of popping the big question you won’t be alone. Scads of people have proposed at the Eiffel Tower including Tom Cruise and Rod Stewart. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re planning on proposing on the Eiffel Tower’s observation deck, your bags may be searched so you might want to hide that ring accordingly.

Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots is one of the most famous cafes in all of Paris and has seen famous guests such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Pablo Picasso and Hemingway. It was considered a place where the literary, intellectual and artistic elite hung out to discuss life and watch people stroll by. Although the café has become a tourist’s destination since that time and the atmosphere isn’t quite the same, it’s still a good place to people watch and grab a snack with your loved one.

Ile Saint-Louis

Ile Saint-Louis is in the heart of Paris. This small island on the Seine retains its 18th century look and is a charmingly quaint trip back in time. Spend the day exploring the little village and its stores and restaurants and imagining what life must have been like back in the day.

Place des Vosges

The Place des Vosges in Paris is considered the most beautiful square in the city. The architecture is elegant and classic French and the fountains are original and feature the name of King Louis XIII who reigned at the time. This is actually an incredible place to stay and the beautiful Hotel Pavillon de la Reine or the Hotel des Chevaliers are right in the area. The area also houses the Gallery Vivendi where you’ll find some of the works of most famous artists of all time on exhibit.

Place de Furstenberg

The Place de Furstenberg is a great little shopping area with a variety of quaint stores. You’ll also find the Musee Delacroix where the artist lived and worked from 1857 to 1863 when he died. The museum holds temporary exhibits of Delacroix’s work which change frequently and the old apartment features some of his watercolors and self portraits.  It’s a wonderful way to touch the past with the person you’ll spend your future with.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg is about 55 acres and was originally designed in 1612 but not opened to the public until the 19th century. There are a couple water features in the Jardin du Luxembourg that are quite popular with couples. The Grand Bassin pond features small boats that children can rent and paddle around, perfect for the couple planning their future family. The Fontaine de Medicis and the Fontaine de l’Observatoire are the two fountains which garner a lot of attention as both are incredibly beautiful and serene works of art.

Jardins des Tuileries

The Jardins des Tuileries is a central garden between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. The garden was first established in the early 16th century but it has undergone a number of transitions since then. It was one of the first parks to be open to the public and instantly became a popular place to hang out. This large park is the perfect place to share an impromptu picnic with your loved one.

Jardins du Palais Royal

Enclosed by Palais Royal the Jardins du Palais Royal is not your traditional garden, it’s more like a city center with a long standing history to enhance its romance and a number of store, restaurants and galleries, perfect for soaking up the Parisian lifestyle and for getting a feel for the historic significance of this location. There are several treed areas with fountains and statues that invite the admiring glance and benches which encourage deeper contemplation. The center fountain is a rather iconic site and serves the perfect backdrop for a photo memory.

Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts is also known as the Passerelle des Arts and is a bridge across the Seine River. This beautiful foot bridge was built between 1802 and 1804 and was the first metal bridge in Paris. The architect envisioned the bridge as a suspended garden although this may be hard to discern the bridge is beautiful and a wonderful place for couples to stroll across the Seine together.

Fontaine de Medicis

The renaissance fountain has carvings that tell the story of the abduction of Leda by Jupiter, dressed as a Swan. This romantic tale is enhanced by the history of the fountain and that in more recent times it was the location of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre’s first rendezvous. It’s long been a favorite destination for lovers taking a stroll together. The fountain is located on the north end of Luxembourg Palace and can be hard to find if you don’t keep your eyes open.

Parc des Butte Chaumont

Paris has a number of parks but Parc des Butte Chaumont is known as one of the most romantic parks in the city. The park is located on a rocky hill and provides incredible panoramic views of the city and Sacre Coeur. Originally this park didn’t have such a romantic feel, it was a gallows hill where public executions occurred, then it was a lime quarry and a public waste ground. It was Napoleon III who decided that a park would be the best use of this land

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Flickr/ Nathan Kavumbura