Romantic Destinations in Cancun

Looking to escape the winter blahs by running off to a tropical location with your sweetheart? Cancun is an excellent retreat to escape to if you’re looking for fun in the sun with a whole lot of romance thrown in. Cancun is one of those places that not only thrives on the tourism industry but caters to it in ways that will make your stay incredible and may relight that spark. Cancun is divided into two zones, the Hotel Zone and the rest of the city. Most tourists will actually find everything they want and need within the Hotel Zone, although the prices may be a bit higher in this area you’ll find that it’s safer, there is high quality products, and some of the best dining around.

Ruinas Del Rey

Ruinas Del Rey lies within the Hotel Zone of Cancun. These ruins were discovered in the 16th century but then largely ignored until 1842 when it was rediscovered but excavations were not begun until 1954. The structure is believed to date back to 200 BC and perhaps served as a place to examine celestial bodies, although it may have also served as a burial spot as well. This is one of the smaller Mayan ruins in and around Cancun and is overlooked by many but is actually a perfect stop for couples. The frescoes inside are striking in their clarity and the beautiful ruins recall the romance of the past.

Sunset Cruise

What is more romantic than a sunset? Why not turn this daily event into a momentous occasion that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Cruise aboard a catamaran to Riviera Maya and its powder soft beaches where you can sip cocktails, listen to the island sounds of a local band and enjoy the last light of this romantic day from the beach. The venture to a secluded beach for a gourmet five course lobster or steak dinner at your private table on the beach. Dine to the soothing sounds of a live saxophonist. You’ll receive amazing service in your private retreat. Wind down the night with dancing on the beach and live entertainment.

For those who are a bit more adventurous, extend your magical day by adding snorkeling, horseback riding, or an ATV & Speedboat adventure to the day. For those who love to live life to the fullest, adding these adventures to the day can be more romantic than the candlelit dinner. This is bound to be a day you and your loved one will treasure and look back on for the rest of your life.

La Isla Mujeres

La Isla Mujeres is a tiny island oasis that is free of the massively crowded beaches and makes relaxing with your sweetheart more secluded and personal. But La Isla Mujeres is not just a beach island, it’s got some incredible eateries with wonderful island cuisine, local shops for basic needs and souvenirs of your romantic vacation, and a top notch spa. But beyond the relaxing vacation you can add some heart pounding thrills. At La Isla Mujeres you can learn to scuba dive, go snorkeling, sign up for a fishing expedition, or really get your pulse racing and swim with sharks. This little island is truly a romantic paradise removed from the crowded mainland.

Dolphin Discovery

Open your heart to more than your significant other on your vacation and you’ll be happy that you did. At Dolphin Discovery you join playful dolphins and lumbering manatees in the water for an experience that you’ll never forget. The tour starts with an educational lesson that will give you a deeper insight into their world before you actually enter their world. While in the water with these magnificent creatures you’ll have a trained professional guide you through several activities that are designed to teach you more about these critters but also to give you an intimate hands on experience. And to cap off the experience you will receive a kiss from both a dolphin and a manatee. It’s perhaps not what most people would consider a romantic destination but it will warm your heart like no other experience in Cancun.

Xcaret Cancun Eco Park

How about a natural water park for romance? At Xcaret you can experience an entirely different world of fun in the sun. Originally purchased as private land for a home, the owner began excavation and discovered ancient Mayan cenotes or sinkholes formed by cave ceilings that collapsed after about three million years of erosion. It was such an awe inspiring site that he decided this area should be shared by many and not just a privileged few. As a guest to Xcaret you have a load of aquatic activities to enjoy from a sharks tour, snuba, snoring, paradise river, dolphin experiences, a sea trek. Or you can spend an entire day at the beach, the lagoon, exploring underground rivers, or bathing in natural pools. Most of the excitement and beauty at Xcaret is below the water, but you don’t need to be an expert scuba diver to experience the joy, there are experiences for every level and in fact even non swimmers get a chance to see what lies beneath. Beyond the natural beauty, Xcaret has taken great lengths to not only respect but to restore some of the Mayan culture of the land. Check to see what celebration is happening during your visit and make a point to enjoy the festival at hand. Spent time exploring archaeological sites and sculptures and spend a moment of quite reflection together in the chapel. On the surface a water park may not seem romantic, but Xcaret steeped in history and beauty is a pretty romantic destination.

Cancun is becoming a happening hotspot for destination weddings and honeymoons. The city caters to every sort of couple, from completely sedentary beach bums to high energy x-game enthusiasts. And the most romantic part of a Cancun vacation is spending time doing something you love with the person you love.
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Flickr/Krystal Timeshares Mexico