Visiting the Pyramids at Giza

Many people from around the world go to Egypt each year to visit the Pyramids at Giza. Located west of the city area of Cairo sits the Giza Plateau, in a valley near the famous Pyramids. These pyramids display the ancient civilization of Egypt at its best, along with the famous Sphinx.

For transportation to Giza, buses or taxis are available. Buses are large and comfortable, with air-conditioning provided. They arrive on a schedule of every twenty minutes from Heliopolis and the airport. Travelers can board them also at the bus station near the Egyptian Museum, which then goes to the city of Giza and on to the Pyramids. The cost of a ticket is only LE 2. Travelers who choose bus service may have to get the bus drivers attention with a wave. Yellow taxis are also available that also offer air-conditioning. They charge according to the distance that is recorded on a meter. Other taxi services are abundant in Cairo, but flat fees are not charged. Travelers have to decide with the driver on the amount they will pay before getting into the taxi, as tourists are often overcharged by drivers taking the long way to their destinations.

Upon arriving in Giza, travelers will find all the accommodations that are needed nearby or on Pyramids Road. There are hotels, restaurants and nightly entertainment all in close proximity to one another. Once settled in, it’s off to the Pyramids at Giza. To visit the last of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World that has survived, a trip to The Great Pyramid of Khufu will offer an amazing sight. With over two million blocks of stone used to construct it and its impressive height of 449 feet, which was all done with manual labor, it will astound anyone. Another pyramid that is a bit smaller than the Great Pyramid is The Pyramid of Khafre that offers a fantastic view because of where it is positioned. The least of the three Giza Pyramids in size is The Pyramid of Menkaure. It stands at 203 feet. Some of these pyramids can be entered. Once inside, visitors will notice them to be claustrophobic, hot and humid although they are incredible to see. Visitors will appreciate the tremendous accomplishments that the ancient Egyptians obtained building these huge structures. They are filled with passageways and walls for a most interesting adventure. Avoid climbing on the pyramids as this is strictly forbidden and can be very dangerous. Always prepare yourself by bringing bottled water, sunglasses and sunscreen during the hotter months of the year.

Another must see sight while visiting the Pyramids at Giza is the Great Sphinx. The Sphinx is a huge lion with a human head carved out of one large piece of sandstone. A major attraction here, along with the viewing of the Sphinx, is The Voice of the Sphinx. This narration of historical events of the area along with laser displays of scenes that are shown on the side of the Great Pyramid, offers a wonderful educational resource for all to enjoy.

A visit to the Solar Barque Museum offers the tourist the experience of seeing an excavated solar boat that was recovered from the tomb of the pharaoh, which he used daily for journeying with the use of the sun and its movement in the sky. Other sights of interest are the Nobles Tombs and the Queens Pyramids located within cemeteries that surround these pyramids. Other sites not to be missed are Abu Simbel and the Valley of the Kings.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Ed Yourdon