Puppy Child Safety Harness for Traveling

Traveling with children can be a huge hassle, it can also weigh on a parent’s fears. Airports, bus stations, tourist attractions and other crowded places can be a very dangerous place to take a child and keeping them close at hand is not always easy. No parent likes the idea of putting a leash or a harness on their child, but sometimes tying them to you is the best option.

GoldBug has come up with a retractable harness for your child that let’s you reign them in when necessary but doesn’t look as though you’re sticking your child on a dog’s leash. The 2-in-1 Puppy Child Safety Harness gives parents the option of pulling out the “tail” and looping it around their wrist for greater control of and contact with their children.

The puppy harness is also a backpack that uses adjustable straps to connect comfortably to your child’s back. This cute and cuddly puppy backpack is just what it claims to be as well, it’s a handy backpack that your youngster can load with his or her favorite travel toys.

It’s simply the perfect travel accessory for the parent on the go. It helps your child stay organized and have their toys at hand, while helping you keep a firm grip on your child when the crows get overwhelming or when temptation is luring them out of reach.

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