The world’s best public transportation systems

London Underground

A recent TripAdvisor poll asked tourists to pick the world’s public transportation system. While I was thinking that the perfectly punctual Japanese railways might be near the top, it turns out that London is the city with the best public transport, at least according to the impressions of thousands of tourists.

London was also voted to have the safest system, the best subway and the best taxis. Personally, I’d also add an award for the cutest double-decker buses, too. The London public transportation system is also the most expensive.

In the United States, the New York public transportation system came in second to London for the best system, and was also runner-up to London as an expensive system. But it does seem clear that tourists at least are prepared to pay higher costs for their transport if it takes them where they want to go.

At the other end of the scale, Los Angeles was voted as having the worst public transportation system. Other awards were for the cleanest system, which was won by Washington DC. Tokyo came in second second to DC for the cleanest public transport.

(Photo via flickr cc)