Postcards Struggle to Find Their Place in a Digital Age

Postcards used to be every traveler’s favorite way of keeping friends and family updated on their trips with short prose and whimsical “wish you were here!”s. Today, though, the digital ages has threatened postcards with email, social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, and even travel-themed ecards and digital postcards.

In additional to private forms of digital communication, mass travel blogs like TravelBlog and STA travel have seen huge numbers in recent years. TravelBlog sees 100 new members each day, adding to its already 80,000 strong member base, and STA travel has accumulated 60,000 blog entries in just 3 years. These sites make it easy for travelers to communicate with loved ones and strangers from afar, telling stories of their travels and misadventures.

Despite the proliferation of digital communication, postcards aren’t doing as poorly as one might think. Britain’s Royal Mail processes about 135 million postcards each year, a surprising 30 million increase in three years. In addition, postcards now have a somewhat nostalgic value, and avid travelers, even the armchair kind, like to collect postcards from around the world.

To keep the personal touch to your travels, don’t forget the lonely postcard – it can be a wonderful reminder of your vacations.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Laineys Repertoire

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