Playing Golf in the Australian Desert

Ever wondered where the world’s largest golf course is? In fact it’s only recently opened, and it’s in the middle of Australia – in fact, it’s way out in the middle of the desert, where they certainly have plenty of space. It’s called the Nullarbor Links – Nullarbor is the name of the desert area joining South Australia and Western Australia, and means, significantly, “no trees”.

In fact, this unusual golf course is spread across about 850 miles, with each hole found in a different location. The idea is that you can break up the long drive across the Nullarbor by stopping to play a hole of golf every now and again, and it’s a concept which is proving popular. Running from the city of Kalgoorlie in the west to Ceduna in the east, you buy a score card at either end and then play as you drive – which may take a few days (they recommend about four days, in fact!). Each hole has a green tee-off area and a green at the hole, but in between the holes are mostly pretty rough bush, typical Australian outback style. You need to pay A$50 for the score card and A$5 if you need to hire clubs along the way – and this is likely to be the most interesting game of golf you’ll ever play.

Image via Nullobar Links