10 tips for planning a family ski vacation

Ski vacations create unique memories, allow your family to see new places together and help you teach your kids about balancing safety and adventure. Of course, ski vacations come with unique risks, and all family vacations come with a few hassles. But follow these 10 tips and you’ll be able to minimize the annoyances and increase the fun.

  1. Plan in advance. Planning is often half the fun of a family vacation. Make this a family affair, looking up different places to travel and watching movies related to skiing. This build-up of excitement adds to the experience.
  2. Take ski lessons together as a family. Yes, Dad might already be a black diamond skier but the kids feel safer when he’s on the slopes with them, learning from an instructor.
  3. Try out other kinds of snow fun. Skiing might be the bulk of what you do in the snow but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy as well. Snow boarding, building snow men, snow tubing and other snow activities can create a more diversely fun trip.
  4. Have a safety plan. The mountain is big and mom and dad worry when the kids aren’t in sight. Create a plan in advance for meeting up if you get lost.
  5. Reconvene at meals. You might split up during the day, with one parent taking the older kids on more difficult slopes and the other staying behind with the young ones. Meet up together for meals so you can feel like it’s a complete family experience even as you split up.
  6. Create fun times for everyone. Face it; one of your kids just might not like skiing. That doesn’t have to ruin the family ski trip. Include additional activities like sightseeing and attending entertainment events so that everyone has a good time.
  7. Don’t make it a competitive atmosphere. You might want your kids to be competitive in sports, maybe even in skiing, but make the family vacation a safe and relaxed place.
  8. Plan a budget and stick to it. You’ll feel better about the whole trip if you can restrain what you spend on it while still having a good time. Borrow equipment from friends, make meals at the hotel and otherwise cut corners to stay within this budget.
  9. Take lots of pictures. Your smiling family set against the snow; it’s a Christmas card in the making.
  10. Remember that the family ski vacation is supposed to be fun. Yes, you’ll worry when your kids careen down slopes. Yes, everyone’s going to get a little tired and grumpy. But keep in mind that the experience is what it’s all about and try to relax and enjoy it.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: globalreset