Book Review – Off the Beaten Subway Track

You might think you know New York City well, but until you’ve checked out a few of the attractions unearthed in Off the Beaten (Subway) Track: New York City’s Best Unusual Attractions by Suzanne Reisman, then you’ve really only just skimmed the surface.

new-york-off-the-beaten-path-fullAs a local resident who craved travel, Reisman one day realised that there were dozens of unusual places to visit within an easy subway ride of her own front door. She set out to explore a bunch of obscure museums, almost famous sandwich shops and bakeries and hidden galleries, and compiled them all into a guidebook.

The unusual New York attractions are arranged in the book geographically, dividing metropolitan, subway-accessible New York into eight different districts, including Staten Island too. As well as a couple of pages describing Reisman’s own experiences, you will also find directions on how to get to each place and contact information too – many of the museums are so small they only open if you register your visit in advance. This book is certainly one way to discover some parts of New York City that both locals and tourists have rarely seen – although in some cases, there might be a good reason for that!
Creative Commons License photo credit: WTL photos