Nightlife and Nightclubs in Cancun

Cancun is considered to be one of the hottest spots in the world for an active nightlife experience. Travelers from throughout the world (and particularly college students from the United States) flock to Cancun specifically to party in the nightclubs that are located throughout this beach destination. There are huge dance clubs here with multiple bars and dance floors that can accommodate thousands of people but there are also smaller bars here where visitors can enjoy a drink and strike up a conversation with others traveling in the area. Whatever your nightlife style, Cancun has something that will suit it.

Basics Of Cancun Nightlife

The main thing that you should know about Cancun nightlife is that it’s busy, busy, busy. The clubs are active all throughout the year. Many of the clubs don’t close until the dawn breaks in the morning so you can expect to have something to do all night long if you so desire. A majority of the nightlife options in Cancun take place in what is called the Hotel Zone so it’s easy to stumble back to your lodging after a night out at the clubs. What’s not so easy is trying to sleep with all of this fun activity around you all of the time!

The nightlife in Cancun is primarily geared towards a college-aged partying crowd. Cancun is specifically known as a Spring Break partying destination for wild Americans on college vacation. However, there are various types of clubs in Cancun and bars to suit everyone’s styles so you don’t necessarily have to be young and wild to love the nightlife here. It just helps a little bit!

Big Nightclubs in Cancun

The main type of nightlife that the majority of visitors to Cancun are going to be seeking is the nightclubs that are located here. These are huge dance clubs that frequently have multiple bars and more than one dance floor. These nightclubs are the places that are packed and that keep the party going all throughout the night. They are also the nightclubs which are going to offer the most wild partying. There are often live performance artists on site and events like bikini contests held at these clubs. Here are some of the most well known nightclubs in Cancun that people are probably going to be most interested in checking out:

  • Bulldog. This is one of the most popular large nightclubs in Cancun. This is due in large part to the fact that this is not just a standard dance club but also a live music venue which has been known to host performance from major international rock stars. The live music is supplemented by an amazing sound system, lighting effects and other big concert features which makes people hanging out at this club feel as though they are attending an amazing concert no matter who it is that is headlining the event. For those people who enjoy live music dance clubs, this is considered to be the best nightlife choice anywhere in Cancun. It also has the features that are desired in any big Cancun nightclub like a Jacuzzi area filled with attractive people and a once-weekly bikini contest.
  • Coco Bongo. This Cancun nightclub offers a mixture of live music performance and DJ performances to offer some of the best dancing in the entire city. This is one of the most well-known nightclubs so it’s a really popular spot with American tourists particularly college students who are visiting Cancun on Spring Break vacations. It hums with activity all throughout the summer and continues to be active throughout the rest of the year as well. It’s hard not to find something to like at this nightclub if you’re the kind of person who likes all-night dancing and lots of crowded, wild activity.
  • Dady O. This Cancun nightclub aims to offer many different features that are appealing to the senses. They have spared no expense when creating the sound system and the lighting and other special effects for this club. People who enjoy the clubs of Las Vegas in the United States are likely to be comfortable at this massive dance club because of the similarity of this club in size and features to the big, popular clubs of Las Vegas.
  • Dady Rock. There are two floors to this bar and across those floors are five different bars, live music and DJs. However, the reason that people really like this Cancun nightlife hotspot is because this is the one that is best known for having the hottest contests in the city. People who really like the Wet Body and Bikini contests that are famous throughout Cancun are going to find that they are satisfied y what’s to be found at this location.
  • The City. There are three floors of nightclub fun at this amazing dance club and it’s able to accommodate the dancing and wildness of up to four thousand people at once. What’s really great here, though, is that this nightclub has a beach area for dancing where there is a dance party thrown during the daytime hours so you can get started early or continue on throughout the day in addition to your nighttime dancing.

Smaller Bars in Cancun

Not every nightlife hot spot in Cancun is a huge dance club where you have to get down and dirty to have a good time. There are also many smaller bars that are popular in Cancun. In fact, some of the most famous nightlife hot spots that people go to check out during their stay in Cancun are actually just smaller bars and even restaurant-based bars. Here are some of the ones that you’ll probably want to experience if you’re vacationing in Cancun:

  • Carlos N Charlie’s. This is a Mexican restaurant that doubles as a bar and it’s one of the most popular bars in Cancun. It’s been around and filled with tourists for nearly thirty years so it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. You’ll be enjoying modern nightlife fun as well as some history of Cancun nightlife when you spend time doing drinking at this bar.
  • Corona Bar. This is a great walk-up bar on the beach which allows you to enjoy an active bar scene out in the open air without ever having to pay a cover charge to be there. This is a great place because the party never seems to stop so it feels as though you’re in a club but you’re really just at an outdoor bar.
  • Senor Frogs. This is another of the Cancun bars that seems like it’s been around forever and so it has become practically a tourist destination for people who are coming to visit Cancun. It’s a great place to start out your night’s drinking, experience Cancun nightlife and even grab a bite to eat. It’s not your typical restaurant but it’s got great food and a terrific atmosphere.

Cancun Nightlife Summary

There are a lot of different things to do on a Cancun vacation but there’s a good chance that any traveler headed to this area is going to be highly interested in the nightlife options that are available here. Luckily, there are a lot of them. You can spend all night dancing in the big clubs. You can spend a few hours in the evening drinking at one of the most popular bars. Or you can enjoy some combination of both major nightlife options during an extended stay in Cancun.

photo credit: BigStockPhoto/Patryk Kosmider