Nightclubs in Atlantic City

The ebb and flow of popularity in Atlantic city can be hard on the local economy as they seem to last a long time and there’s several years before a new wave washes ashore in this Jersey ocean side city, but the good news is Atlantic City is riding a current wave of popularity that is making it a happening hot spot once again.

If you’re looking for a great place to vacation that offers the fun and excitement of a Las Vegas style vacation and the relaxing ocean front frolicking of Florida then it’s Atlantic City all the way, baby. Nightclubs are king in this city and no vacation to Atlantic City is complete without spending at least one night carousing in one of these nightclubs.


Voted the number one nightclub in Atlantic City (or maybe just dubbed that by the owner himself), Trump’s Casbah is a truly stunning club scene. Located in the world-famous Taj Mahal, Casbah is often one of the most happening hot spots in the city and can cram in more than 2000 people at once. Casbah is the one place in town where you’re almost guaranteed to rub elbows with a celebrity, the problem is, with a crowd this huge you’re most likely not to even notice. Casbah knows how to create the right mix of celebrity, thumping music and sex to come up with a winning combination.


Trump’s big Ego is on full display in the Taj Mahal’s gaming floor. Ego is one of the latest entrants into Atlantic City’s night life and it’s just a little different than the traditional club. A contemporary club with 11,000 square feet, 360 seats, 27 flat screened televisions, private cabanas and martinis to suit all tastes. There are two house bands, Elan and Dave Anthony & the Edge to provide guests with some entertainment. The most unique aspect of Ego and one that might soon be copied by other casinos, is that it is visible from the gaming floor and draws attention to itself rather than being hidden on a top floor or tucked into an alcove.


The Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa brings a couple options to the table and they’re all pretty happening and popular, depending on what sort of crowd you’re looking for. The first Borgata entry is MIXX, which pushes the envelope of energy. Top DJs spin tunes for a crowd that just doesn’t seem to stop moving. Sign up for bottle service and you’ll get the VIP treatment all night long, a rare treat for some that may be worth the added expense.

Mur Mur

Borgata’s low key entrant in the nightclub game is Mur Mur, another retreat for the famous but that’s mainly because they can retreat to the darkened corners and fade from view. Mur Mur also offers bottle service for those wanting to play VIP for the night, but Mur Mur is one of the more expensive clubs in town so perhaps it’s not the place to try bottle service for the first time. But keep this in mind, it’s the prices that keep the atmosphere so relaxed.

Blue Martini

Blue Martini at Bally's

Blue Martini at Bally

Bally’s Blue Martini is a chic low key martini bar with more than 100 selections to keep you interested. The built-in frosted ice rail is ideal for chilling your drink while you check out the atmosphere. The live music prerequisite is fulfilled but three 60-inch plasma screens give you something to look at.

Bikini Beach Bar

Another Bally nightclub is the Bikini Beach Bar which takes advantage of their sandy location on the sea. This outdoor establishment is open only during the tourist season but since the dress code is basically swimwear this seems like more than perfect timing. The Bikini Beach Bar offers a lot of promotions and events so keep your eyes and ears pealed for free tickets or drink deals.


The Tropicana has found its own way into the nightclub scene with Providence, a New York City styled club and ultra lounge. Touting the New York City atmosphere is a little weird as the hotel prides itself on being Havana inspired, but whatever they are the vibe seems to be happening. Two DJ booths stationed across the dance floor create a back and forth high energy atmosphere that oozes excitement.

Tango’s Lounge

Tango’s Lounge in the Tropicana follows the Havana vibe more closely as its relaxed and laid back with a distinct island feel. This lounge is a nightclub in the old sense, not in the thumping new sense of the word. Sit back at Tango’s Lounge and enjoy live jazz, reggae, or salsa and sip tropical cocktails. This is a great off-season locale as it warms your soul on a cold winter day.

Club Worship

Club Worship at the Showboat

Club Worship at the Showboat

Club Worship is brought to you by Showboat & The House of Blues. This three story nightclub features dance floors, private booths, two bars, and intimate seating. A word to the wise though, the sub woofers on the first floor are ridiculous and they vibrate the entire floor and can cause some hearing damage, so stick to the upper two floors for a more enjoyable evening.

The Pool After Dark

Every teen has learned that there’s nothing quite like a pool after dark so Harrah’s decided to take it a step further with The Pool After Dark, a hip nightclub located around their pool. DJs keep the crowd moving and the energy flowing while drinks are liberally poured for guests. There’s just something about this outdoor party that makes it more friendly and fun than your traditional nightclub.


Not opening until the summer of 2009, Dusk is highly anticipated but there isn’t much information on the amenities. All we know is it’s set to be a high energy club featuring hip hop, industrial, pop and top 40 music.

Atlantic City is on the move and gaining in popularity and as the casinos begin to realize their successes you can expect that the club scene will continue to keep changing as old clubs just don’t draw the crowds like new and trendy ones do. Keep your eyes peeled because what is new and happening this year is bound to be old news next year.