Nightclubs and Nightlife in Miami

If you’re looking for a winter retreat that is one of the most happening hotspots in the country then Miami is definitely the city for you. Miami is always a trendy city where the rich, famous and incredibly fabulous escape for a vacation, but during the winter months it becomes one of the most popular destinations in the United States. If you’re headed to the Miami Beach area to enjoy the nightlife be sure you’re at your trendiest because this is really the city where people go to see and be seen.

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Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Miami

Nikki Beach Miami is exactly what it sounds like, one incredible club located right on the beach. With cabanas, sand, tropical drinks it’s what more club experiences in Miami should be like. The Nikki Beach Miami club is actually two different clubs, the beach one and the traditional club one, it’s the beach one you want. The best part is that this club is best enjoyed during the day, leaving your nights free for some more partying.


Tantra is both a nightclub and a restaurant with an ancient Middle Eastern philosophy of appealing to six senses. The décor is obviously Middle Eastern with live grass floor and waterwall work to enhance the mood, but the food isn’t necessarily Middle Eastern. The food is called aphrodisiac cuisine and comes from noted aphrodisiacs from around the world. The entire place is dosed in sensuality and it’s a perfect experience for a couple.

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Jazid claims to be the longest running nightclub on Miami Beach after 11 years of live music every night of the week. The music is varied but typically has a funky soul that gets the crowd dancing and moving. Although the club has been a staple of the Miami scene for a long times it’s got a fresh new look. Recently renovated the club still retains its intimate feel.


Mansion in Miami has been called Miami’s Hottest Club by People magazine and lives up to its reputation. This is the place where stars make a point to get noticed and the paparazzi sits waiting for their photo op. Mansion is one truly unique nightclub with a theme of being a residence, or a mansion, with sweeping staircases, ornate fireplaces, beautiful architectural and decorative elements, individual rooms and a club vibe throughout. Every young, beautiful 20 something should visit Mansion at least once in their lives.

Purdy Lounge

Purdy Lounge continues to earn rave reviews and climb lists of the best nightclubs in Miami. The reason for Purdy’s appeal is it’s so familiar and low key that it feels like hanging out in a friend’s basement or a college frat house. It’s not quite a dive bar but as welcoming and unpretentious as one.


Cameo was once an Art Deco movie theater and now this historic building has a second chance at life with notable DJs, a growing list of celebrity spotting, a stunning light show, and performers in costume enticing the crowd. The main room is gigantic with 10,000 square feet and an oversized dance floor. There is a glass enclosed VIP room that is very secluded (it even has its own DJ) but the glass lets gawkers see who’s on the inside. Cameo is super chic and very impressive.

Club Space

Club Space is the place to be if you’re looking to dance your ass off. This club is consistently rated one of the top dance clubs in the United States and the notoriety is well earned. This bi-level, high energy club is loud, it’s crowded, it’s expensive, but it is really worth it. Explore every inch of the club, it’s always alive with energy and excitement and you never know who you’ll meet hiding in a secluded corner.


Score is the biggest gay club in South Beach and has earned a reputation for being one of the best clubs around with its world renowned DJs, high on style décor, and an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. The club works to constantly stay on top of the trends in music, fashion, décor, drinks and entertainment. There are actually four different lounges located within Score, each with its own unique vibe and certainly one to fit your mood.


Another gay club with scads of raves on its resume is Twist. This South Beach hot spot has been a beacon to the gay community, drawing people in and making them feel at home. But beyond that, Twist is a hotbed of excitement and fun, the seven different rooms have such unique atmospheres that moving from one to another almost feels like bar hopping rather than being under the same roof.


Mokai is an incredibly exclusive nightclub with an atmosphere that is meant to reflect the Mokai canyon in New Zealand.  The trendy atmosphere was cutting edge and very intriguing when the club first opened, but as with all fad-centric businesses it’s lost its appeal a little bit. Mokai is currently a hit or miss club but if you can get there when it hits you’re in for a night to remember. The attitude isn’t as pretentious as one would expect given their exclusive claims, the music is typically on the good to excellent side and the dancing can get out of hand.

Nocturnal Nightclub

With three floors of thumping fun, Nocturnal Nightclub strives to be one of the most cutting edge clubs in the area. But constantly providing the best of everything they cater to a crowd that knows how to club and knows what’s the latest in club trends. Each room has its own atmosphere but is built with an open space that keeps the crowd flowing and it has a sense of one huge party. But what may possibly be the best feature of Nocturnal Nightclub is the Rooftop Terrace with a sophisticated ambiance and breathtaking views of the city and the ocean.
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