Nightclubs and Nightlife in Denver

First thoughts of Denver may have you picturing environmental sorts living the good life, only consuming healthy food and drink. But remember, the Mile High City has a long history of mining and drinking, which is good news if you’re looking for a little nightlife during your stay in Denver. There’s a long history of saloons and local brews in Denver so much so that the story is that the first building built in the city was a bar. One thing to keep in mind when looking for nightclubs and nightlife in Denver is there is no room for pretentious attitudes so dress comfortably, sit back, relax and enjoy the late hours while you’re visiting Denver.

Casino Night Heist

Far from your typical night on the town, Casino Night Heist is a truly unique and exciting experience that just must be tried. Housed in the Lumber Baron Inn guest come for an evening of dinner, drinks and faux-gambling while being entertained by a local improv group. Your night starts with real gaming but fake chips so you get the thrill of the game but don’t have to lose your hard earned cash. When dinner time arrives you’ll leave the casino and head up to the dining room and that’s where the heist begins. Each table is challenged to solve the crime with their table mates and the clues left behind. Not your typical night out but definitely something to remember.

15th Street Tavern

For a more traditional night on the town, 15th Street Tavern is a great alternative. This hopping nightclub packs in a local crowd during the day time and then turns up the volume and invites the trendsetters of Denver in to hear the latest and greatest local bands. It’s loud, raucous and exciting fun for locals and tourists. And don’t worry, you’re always welcome in Denver.

Falling Rock Tap House

If its beer you’re looking for then its beer you’ll get at Falling Rock Tap House. With one of the largest beer collections in the city with 69 beers on tap and loads more in the bottle. This is a great place to visit if you’re hoping to try a lot of Colorado’s craft brews without making a lot of stops then Falling Rock Tap House gives you all that and more. In addition to an excellent beer menu Falling Rock also serves food, it’s your traditional bar fare, but what else do you want after you’ve sampled four of five of the region’s best ales?

The Funky Buddha Lounge

I know we said Denver is without pretensions but if that’s what you’re looking for then The Funky Buddha Lounge is as close as it comes. With velvet ropes, trendy fashionistas, big priced drink menus, local artwork, and noted DJs this bar is the closest you’ll come to the hipster crowd of other big cities. Probably not a bar for tourists to spend every evening in, it’s still worth a stop if you love people watching and good dancing. A little preparation is necessary when going to The Funky Buddha, dress to impress or you wont get past the bouncer and bring wads of cash for high priced drinks and generous tipping.


Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley in Denver

Lucky Strike Lanes

Yes, Lucky Strike Lanes is a bowling alley but it’s the hippest and most happening bowling alley around. This 1950’s retro club is so much more than your typical bowling crowd in fact it’s almost like a hip club with a bowling alley thrown in to up the ante on the fun quotient. The retro theme somehow makes bowling fun again as the focus is really on drinking and partying and letting loose in an old fashioned way.

Herb’s Hideout

On the flip side, Herb’s Hideout is one of those uber trendy little dive bars that has been drawing a crowd in Denver for years. This year Herb’s got new management and under the helm of jazz saxophonist Laura Newman the bar is taking what made it good before and making it great. Featuring local musicians almost every night of the week, Herb’s is now the place to go if you want to hear great local jazz, blues, R&B and funk. It’s even the place to go if you love that Big Band sound as the Denver Jazz Orchestra has a weekly engagement every Monday. Its one of those perfect combinations of bars that play to the crowd but don’t play so loud that you can’t hear your company.


Known as a dive bar, Kazmo’s is really so much more. Its one of those really fun bars that is always coming up with exciting ways to engage the nightly crowd. The music is loud and thumping, wet t-shirt contests are fairly common, and 8 ball tournaments are a crowd favorite. But one of the best aspects of Kazmo’s is that it opens at 7am on Sundays so if you’re not done partying on Saturday night, you can keep the insanity going. This is definitely a bar for a younger set and caters wonderfully to that sect.

LoDo’s Bar and Grill

If it’s a sports bar you’re looking for then LoDo’s Bar and Grill fits the bill. Located a stone’s throw from Coors Field, this Denver bar draws the true blue sports fans and keeps them there long after the game is over. In fact when a game is not in session patrons still enjoy the comfortable sports themed atmosphere and the great drink specials. The menu isn’t anything special but its better than most sports pubs. One of the highlights of LoDo’s is the rooftop patio which affords you a great view of the popular lower downtown area of Denver.

Whiskey Bar

If you’ve tried as many local beers as you can stand, how about taking a whiskey tour at the Whiskey Bar? A comfortable neighborhood bar whose claim to fame is the more than 75 different types of whiskey. It’s a relaxed attitude where the focus is on the company you keep and the liquor you drink. If you’re not a whiskey fan there are plenty of local brews to test and a complete bar to accommodate almost any drink request.

No matter what bar you decide to belly up to or what dance floor you grace with your presence, remember that Denver is called the Mile High City for a reason, its official elevation is a mile above sea level, meaning the atmosphere is thinner and if you’re not accustomed to this you may find that alcohol hits you a bit harder and the hangover can be brutal. Be careful when drinking and partying in Denver as altitude sickness can ruin the rest of your trip.