Nightclubs and Bars in Cleveland

In 1796 surveyors of the Connecticut Land Company laid out the area into townships and they named the capital Cleaveland (the spelling was later changed) and planned it to have an active downtown area. The center of that activity was Public Square. It wasn’t until the completion of the Erie Canal and the Ohio Canal that the city really began to pick up steam and draw more people to the area. As things progressed and time passed its no wonder that the city that was designed as a hub of activity grew into a great place for residents and tourists alike.

If you’re headed to Cleveland for a vacation you’ll be overwhelmed with how much there is to see and do, but don’t make the mistake of wearing yourself out during the day, save some energy so you can go out and experience the nightlife of Cleveland. The following list of nightclubs and bars in Cleveland will help you narrow down your list so you can target just the best ones.

Velvet Dog Nightclub

The Velvet Dog Nightclub in Cleveland is located in the Warehouse District and known as the areas premier dance club. This club takes advantage of their multilevel layout by creating three different atmospheres. The first floor is where the action happens featuring Top 40 dance sounds, and an upscale, thumping atmosphere. But it’s the third floor that’s proving a bigger draw as its small, laid back atmosphere is perfect for relaxing with friends and the outdoor rooftop patio offers some of the best views of the city. Male guests, make note to visit the restroom as the one-way mirror has a great view of the dance floor for a relatively private show.

D’Vine Wine Bar

For a totally different feel in the happening Warehouse District give D’Vine Wine Bar a try. Back in 1996 before the Warehouse District became the chic place for the trendy crowd to spend an evening, D’Vine opened its doors and began the craze. More than just a nightclub, D’Vine gives its clients a full menu late into the night and offers more than 60 wines by the glass, 16 different flights, and more than 150 wines by the bottle. This is the perfect place for a couple on vacation to kick back and relax and enjoy a flight of wine or an entire bottle and a great meal before heading out for a more wild night on the town or heading back to their hotel for their own sort of entertainment.

Metropolis Nightclub

Located on the West Bank, Metropolis Nightclub is a little bit like a secret hideaway that invites mysterious clientele. The interior is a series of dark corners and secret nooks with an air of gritty future underworld abound. This is a very popular club for the late night trendy crowd in the know so if you want to give it a little test, try going earlier in the night. If you want to get the full on experience then don’t even think about showing up before midnight.

Time Warp Bar

Time Warp Bar in Cleveland’s west side is an unexpected event mixed among the young downtown crowd. Time Warp is a little bit of everything for everyone and somehow seems to pull it off. There are comfy couches for those who wish to canoodle, there is a happening dance floor and kicking music (sometimes live) for those who want to get their groove on and there are televisions all over for watching the game or catching a movie. But be forewarned, don’t trust the clocks in the Time Warp, bring your own watch or you’ll get caught up in the whirlwind and never know when its time to leave.

Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is located in a historic landmark but this in no way influences the décor or the atmosphere of this loud, raucous bar. Weekends draw some of the best local bands around while a large part of the crowd is filled with Cleveland Browns fans as this is one of the closest bars to the stadium. It’s definitely a beer drinking crowd but it’s a friendly bar with lots of action.

Peabody’s Concert Club/Peabody’s Down Under

If you want more live music and want to be serious about it then Peabody’s Concert Club is a great stop. In fact Peabody’s has so much going on it feels like several stops in one. The main room is large with a lot of activity and this is where you’ll find the better known and sometimes national music acts. Tucked away is the Pirates Cove where a smaller stage draws its own crowd, or maybe it’s the adjoining outdoor patio that draws the crowd. Upstairs you’ll find a Rockstar bar which is usually featuring a local DJ but it’s the place to spot a few real rock stars in the crowd and who knows, they’ve been known to put on a show of their own. In addition, the Rockstar bar features “The Make out Room” for a little action on the side.

Winking Lizard Tavern

The Winking Lizard Tavern is typically a laid back lounge lizard sort of bar, that is until the game begins. This is THE place to go on game day as pregame and postgame crowds flock to the Winking Lizard for a few brews, some tasty appetizers and a rousing discussion of every aspect of the game. This is a non-smoking bar so it is family friendly if you’re looking for a quick snack pre or postgame.

The Grid-n-Orbit Nightclub

If it’s a gay nightclub you’re looking for then look no further because it doesn’t get any gayer than The Grid-n-Orbit Nightclub in Cleveland, and we mean that in the best way possible. This club is always happening and full of energy and fun. As is the case with many gay nighclubs, you’ll find the crowd more welcoming and energetic, the drinks more generous, the music more exciting and the night will be punctuated by a theme. At Grid-n-Orbit every night is a theme night so make sure to check the website so you’re properly attired and prepared for the night’s festivities.