Newest Guide Book Offerings from Bradt

Bradt Travel Guides, coming out of Britain, have developed a good repuation for covering the more unusual destinations across the world or more traveled places with a unique viewpoint, and for covering all of these with detailed information and balanced coverage. They’ve been expanding in recent years and in the last few months, a number of new books have been released by Bradt, including these:

  • Central and Eastern European Wildlife has been published for the first time and includes everything from the bears and wolves to the many birds you can find in this region
  • A guide book to Colombia has been issued by Bradt for the first time, recognizing the resurgence of interest in tourist travel to this country
  • São Tomé & Príncipe, the island nation which is Africa’s second-smallest country, gets its first Bradt guide this year
  • Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife has a new edition which is perfect reading for anyone cruising to Antarctica
  • Transylvania, the traditional home of Dracula in Romania, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and it’s not surprising that Bradt has issued its first edition of this guide this year
  • USA By Rail, which Bradt claims is one of the only books exclusively covering US travel by train, has been updated with a new edition including all the current timetable details

Creative Commons License photo credit: frielp

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