Museums in New York City

The museums of New York City are famous around the world. Everyone knows that The Met is where you go to see art (unless you want to be edgy and going to the MoMA). And there are leading museums throughout New York City which cater to history, science and exhibits for children. There are also a number of small niche museums that showcase the diversity of New York City.Each borough has more than one museum that you’ll want to see if you’re spending time in New York so make sure to start planning your trip in advance in order to be able to fit the museums in.

Best Museums in Manhattan

The Met. It’s officially called the Metropolitan Museum of Art but everyone just calls this Manhattan museum The Met. With over two million art pieces in its permanent collection, it’s the kind of museum that you can go to again and again without ever having a chance to see it all. Located near Central Park, it is a favorite place for both locals and visitors to spend their time.

MoMA. The Museum of Modern Art is not only considered one of the best art museums in New York City but is also said to be one of the most innovative and trend-setting art museums in the entire world. It is known specifically for Western, modern art pieces and for showcasing the talents of up-and-coming artists in the New York art scene today.

The Guggenheim. This is another of the famous art museums in New York City and one not to be missed if you’re interested in international art. The building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a work of art in and of itself.

El Museo del Barrio. This Manhattan Museum is designed to showcase the creative and historical impact of the Latin American and Puerto Rican cultures. It is a museum which is busy with events including modern performance art by people from a Latin American background.
Lower Eastside Tenement Museum. Around the turn of the twentieth century, this six-story brick building was home to a diverse group of over 7,000 people from 20 different countries. Today it is a museum which is committed to providing visitors with an education in the history of the diverse people of New York City.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan. With five floors of hands-on exhibits, this is the kind of place that kids can go to learn new things while having a lot of fun. Although it can be enjoyed by all ages, it is specifically geared towards younger children.

Museum of Sex. If you’re interested in sex (and who isn’t, right?) then you might want to go learn a little bit more about the history of sexuality, something that you can do at this relatively new museum in Manhattan.

New York Hall of Science-SpecialKRB644Creative Commons License Photo credit: SpecialKRB

New York Hall of Science

Best Museums in Queens

Queens Historical Society. This is a great museum which serves to preserve the history of the Queens borough. Anyone interested in learning more about what this part of New York City has been like over the years will find that the exhibits at this history museum can provide them with that education.

Queens Museum of Art. If you aren’t going to get a chance to see the entire New York City area, you might want to go to this museum to see the 9,000 square foot replica that is housed here. There are other art exhibits here, too, of course but this is the one that people really want to see.

New York Hall of Science. This is a hands-on science and technology museum that is great for people of all ages who are interested in learning about fun science things. There are over 400 exhibits here so you’re sure to stay busy!

Best Museums in Brooklyn

Jewish Children’s Museum. There are very few cultural children’s museums in the world and this is believed to be the largest for Jewish history. Like other children’s museums, it is designed to be interactive and fun for all ages. It also serves as a place to promote education about the history of the Jewish people and tolerance for all different types of individuals.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The Jewish Children’s Museum isn’t the only children’s museum in Brooklyn. In fact, this other museum is said to be the world’s first museum designed just for kids so it has a really important role in history. It’s been closed for awhile for renovations but is reopening to the excitement of many families living in the area.

Brooklyn Museum. It’s not only kids’ stuff in Brooklyn. This art museum is one of the oldest and largest of its kind. The pieces come from all around the world and include both historic and modern art.

Micro Museum. This is called a living arts museum because it is a place where art is currently being made in classes taught there today. This art ‘ which includes performance art as well as physical art ‘ can be viewed by the museum’s visitors.

Best Museums in The Bronx

Bronx Museum of the Arts. Manhattan is typically the borough that stands out when you’re looking at art museums but this neighborhood museum in the Bronx is a favorite for many people. It has a permanent collection of over 800 art pieces which are intended to reflect the diversity of the cultures living in the area.

Hall of Fame for Great Americans. This national landmark showcases the histories of people who have made a great impact on America. Alexander Graham Bell and Eli Whitney are two examples of people who can be learned about here.

Museum of Bronx History. Learn more about the history of the borough while exploring a historic home (the second-oldest house still standing in the Bronx today).

Best Museums in Staten Island

Staten Island Museum. This museum is said to be New York City’s only museum that caters to ‘general interests’. It’s not just a history museum, just a children’s museum or just a science museum but is rather a little bit of all different kinds of museums. If you’re with a group that has diverse interests or you don’t have a lot of time, this can be a great museum for seeing a little piece of everything.

Historic Richmond Town. This hundred-acre spot in Staten Island is a living history museum where you can go to experience what Staten Island was like in less modern days. It gives a great history lesson about the area while providing visitors with a really great time. Historic homes and buildings, live shows and demonstrations and a museum devoted to education all help you to gain an understanding of historic Staten Island.

Methods of Seeing New York City’s Museums

The information here is set up so that you can plan to enjoy the best museums in each of the five boroughs of New York City. However, you don’t have to organize your museum-hopping plans by borough if that’s not what suits you. Some travelers may prefer to see only the museums that fall into a certain category (such as science museums or art museums). Others may wish to see only the most famous New York City museums regardless of which borough they are located in. However you organize your trip is up to you; just make sure that a few museums make it on the New York City itinerary since there truly are so many great ones to see!