The Mini Travel Refrigerator

If you’re a camper or a road tripper then a mini travel refrigerator might be just the thing to make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable, and you may actually even save a little money in the process.

41p6hlapncl_sl500_aa280_There are a large variety of mini travel fridges on the market and each one comes with a little different shape and size than the other, but they all offer the convenience of cold food and beverages at almost any place, almost any time.

Look for a portable fridge that is a size that is not only convenient for travel, but one that will also hold a good amount of products, some of them have very small inside compartments and they aren’t really that useful. Generally the hard sided ones keep your perishables colder, but they offer less internal space, a soft sided travel cooler gives you a little more flexibility in storing items, but it generally doesn’t keep the products quite as cold.

If you want flexibility with your mini travel fridge or cooler, look for one that functions both as a cooler and a heater. Not that traveling with hot foods is a convenience that people typically need or want, but it might come in handy on the road, and it will definitely come in handy at those family pot lucks.

Another feature you’ll want to make sure that your mini travel refrigerator has is that it not only works with a standard household AC outlet, but that it will charge with your car, boat, or RV lighter as well. Some of the mini fridges are really not meant to travel but serve as a convenience for dorms or offices.