MGM Attractions

The Great Movie Ride – this 22 minute attraction brings you into the heart of movies from days past to current times. The attraction is housed in a replica of Mann’s Chinese Theatre, as you enter the attraction you will find movie memorabilia throughout the attraction.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
-At 199 feet tall this ride looms over the entire park.. Using a story line about a group of guests that disappeared from the Hollywood Tower Hotel back in 1939, this ride uses top notch special effects and ride technology to create this must see attraction. Note: You must be 40 inches tall to ride. FastPass is available for this attraction.

Rock n Roll Coaster starring Aerosmith – Walt Disney World’s first high speed, looping coaster lives up to the hype as a top attraction. The ride launches you from the start into a ride filled with twists, turns,
corkscrews – hitting a top speed of 60 miles an hour. Note: You must
be 48 inches tall to ride. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage – this popular stage show brings you the story of the Beauty and the Beast movie, live on stage. The theater fills up fast, so get there early to secure a good seat. Consult your Times Guide for show times and days.

Fantasmic – this spectacular nighttime show brings you a tale of Mickey Mouse as he battles a host of villains – with special effects and a bunch of favorite Disney characters. This is one of the best Disney park shows – a must see!

The Magic of Disney Animation – this attraction allows guests to get a behind the scenes look at the creative process that goes into creating Disney animated features

Voyage of the Little Mermaid – this much loved attraction is a 17 minute live action show that tells the story of the Little Mermaid, from the
popular Disney movie. FastPass is available for this attraction.

Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage – here you will find Disney’s popular character from the Disney Channel Television Station. Appealing to the toddler and younger set you will find Winnie-the-Pooh, JoJo’s Circus and Bear in the Big Blue House as they sing, dance and tell stories.

Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour – this 30 minute tour runs throughout the day. Guests are taken on a part walking, part tram tour showcase aspects of creating movies. You will see how special effects are created, visit a wardrobe department and then visit Catastrophe Canyon where you will experience special effects first hand.

Lights, Motors, Action, Extreme Stunt Show – this high speed car stunt show was brought to the park as part of Disney’s 50 anniversary celebration. Stunts include chase scenes, jumps over trucks, chases involving jet skis and other full action effects. Check your Times Guide for show times.

Muppet Vision 3D
– this fun loving attraction brings us the Muppet characters in a 3D spectacular show.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set – based on the popular Disney movies, this attraction allows kids to run, crawl and climb larger than life scenery from the movies.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
– this live action stunt show includes stunts from the popular Indiana Jones movies. Guests will watch (and possibly join in) for physical stunts such as fight sequences, explosions and fire stunts.

Sounds Dangerous starring Drew Carey – Drew Carey hosted this 3D audio adventure attraction. The presentation is intense, but very enjoyable.

Star Tours – allows guests to experience a ride simulator that brings
you into the popular Star Wars movies. Guests must be 40 inches tall
to ride and children under 7 must be accompanied by adults.