This area of the Magic Kingdom can be found tucked behind Fantasyland. It is a land where the Disney toons rule. You can visit Mickey’s House, Minnie’s House or even Donald’s boat. Small guests love this area as the get to meet their favorite characters up close and personal. From Mickey to Winnie-the-Pooh to Disney Princesses – this is the best area to meet them all.

  • The Barnstormer – this roller coaster is designed for children. The coaster car is made to look like a plane and it zips you along the track at a very quick speed. Guests must be at least 35 inches tall to ride.
  • Mickey’s Country House – this walk through attraction allows visitors to get a peek at Mickey’s country home. As you walk through the rooms you visit Mickey’s kitchen, game room, and bedroom. You can also exit the back of the house to see Mickey’s garden (check out those tomatoes).
  • Judge’s Tent – Just a few steps from Mickey’s House and Garden, you will enter he Judge’s tent. Here you will get to meet Mickey – he is here all day! There is usually quite a wait inside, but visitors are treated to Mickey cartoons as you wait.
  • Donald’s Boat – this attraction allows children to cool off as it includes fountains and other water features. If you do not wish for your children to become wet (actually soaked) steer clear of this area.
  • Minnie’s Country House – Explore Minnie’s bright pink home, as you check out her kitchen, her living room and even listens to her answering machine.
  • Toontown Hall of Fame – Enter the big tent and find a huge souvenir shop and a place to meet your favorite Disney characters. There are usually three lines to meet different groups of characters. One line might be Disney Princesses, another Donald, Chip and Dale, and the third Winnie the Pooh and friends. Watch for the signs as you enter or you might wind up waiting nearly an hour before you realize you entered the wrong line.