Main Street

As you enter the Magic Kingdom Park, you will be on Main Street. As you walk down the street you will be heading toward Cinderella’s Castle – the central landmark of the Magic Kingdom Park.

Main Street represents the ideal American town. It is filled with shops, food eateries, a railroad, an old-time cinema and a town square and is thought to be based on Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri.

As you walk down Main Street you will find:

  • Welcome Center – on the right side of Main Street, as you enter the Magic Kingdom.
  • Town Square Expo Hall – acts as museum and camera supply shop.
  • Main Street Cinema – This old-fashioned, though totally air conditioned, movie house shows Mickey Mouse cartoons on a continuous loop. It is set up as a standing room only, but kids usually just sit down on the floor.
  • Main Street Railroad – This is considered home base for the authentic 1928 steam engines that follow the track around the perimeter of the park. The ride is 1.5 miles, and it takes about 20 minutes to complete a round-trip run. The trains make stops in Frontierland, Toontown and at Main Street.

    ** If you are using a rental stroller you will need to leave the stroller at this station. You can pick it up again if you are making a round trip. If you are departing at another station you can pick up a new rental stroller at the other stations. If you are using your own stroller be prepared to fold it up before boarding the train.

  • Old Fashioned Transportation – free transportation from one end of Main Street to the other. Modes of transportation include horseless carriage, or trolley. These run for limited times during the day.

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