Liberty Square

The area of the Magic Kingdom connects Fantasyland and Frontierland. As you travel through Liberty Square you will find such popular attractions as the Haunted Mansion and Hall of the Presidents.

Liberty Square brings to mind Colonial America – in the time of our founding fathers.

  • Riverboat – Take a scenic ride on this steamboat around the Rivers of America. The 15 minute relaxing cruise takes you 1.5 miles on the ‘Liberty Belle’. This is one of the original attractions that has been part of the Magic Kingdom since 1971.
  • Hall of Presidents – This 23 minute presentation uses both a film and audio animatronics to present the history of the presidency of the United States. The ‘cast’ includes all US Presidents from George Washington to the current president.
  • Haunted Mansion – This was one of the Magic Kingdom’s original attractions and it remains a favorite today. You begin the ride as a walk through into an old haunted mansion as you visit the library, where you witness the room stretching. You then ride through the rest of the attraction, in your two seat doom buggy. The ride is dark and offers some moderate scares – small children may look for the exit.

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