As you move away from the central hub of Cinderella’s castle, to your left you will see a bridge into Adventureland.

As you cross over the bridge you will hear the sounds of Adventureland as drums and tropical birds fill the air. You will see the Swiss Family Treehouse rising up over 60 feet.

This Magic Kingdom land will bring out the adventurer in you as you visit attractions filled with pirates, tropical birds and magic carpets. You might even see characters from Aladdin as you make your way through Adventureland.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – this ten minute boat ride is quite dark as it takes riders through scenes depicting pirates taking over a town. This attraction is being updated in 2006 to include characters from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie, starring Johnny Depp.
  • Jungle Cruise – this ten minute adventure takes you on a tour of Southeast Asia, the Nile Valley and an Amazon rainforest. Your boat captain spends a lot of time working in the corny jokes but it is a great family ride.
  • Swiss Family Treehouse – This attraction is based on the classic story of Swiss Family Robinson. This treehouse contains several levels and is set up to reveal all the comforts of home, furniture, quilts and an indoor plumbing system. This attraction requires a lot of climbing and may lead to a lot of complaining from younger children.
  • Tiki Room – The original attraction opened in 1963 with over 200 audio animatronic birds. The updated version debuted in 1998 and includes two birds from famous Disney animated features – Zazu (from the Lion King) and Iago (from Aladdin). This nine minute show contains over 200 birds, flowers and tiki statues that perform for you – a great family attraction.
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin – 16 flying carpets take riders for a spin on this Dumbo-style attraction. Up to four guests can ride in each carpet. Watch out for those spitting camels!

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