Luxembourg and Liechtenstein: Visiting Tiny Countries

If you’re traveling around the middle of Western Europe, you might well wonder whether it’s worth popping in to two of the smallest countries there: Liechtenstein, nestled in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria, and Luxembourg, squeezed in between Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Both countries are tiny – especially Liechtenstein at just 62 square miles – and not so different from the neighboring countries. Their languages and cultures borrow heavily from the neighbors too, and you may not notice too many big differences. But should you go? Why not?

In Liechtenstein, you can visit several museums, go skiing, or pay a fee to get a stamp in your passport to prove you where there (there aren’t really any border controls left). In Luxembourg, you can stay a few days in Luxembourg City, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed place where some of the business of the European Union takes place, and you can wander through the Moselle Valley or visit small, pretty villages in the country’s north.

Best of all, you can get talking to the locals and ask them what makes their country unique – and that’s when you’ll find out something memorable. In Liechtenstein, for example, you might be lucky enough to meet someone who works making false teeth – because the tiny country of Liechtenstein produces more false teeth than anywhere else in the world. Who would’ve thought?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rainer Ebert