Louis Theroux Calls Out the Weird of America

A road trip often makes for a good travel story, and Louis Theroux�s strange drive around the United States to create his book Call of the Weird is no exception. The book�s subtitle, �Encounters with Survivalists, Porn Stars, Alien Killers and Ike Turner� gives you a taste of what Theroux came across during his trip.

It all harks back to the 1990s TV series called �Louis Theroux�s America�, in which Theroux set out to meet some of the weirdest people around � such as those who believe in aliens, a group of staunch white supremacists, and a bunch of porn performers. Ten years later, Theroux wondered what his subjects were doing, and set out on a road trip to catch up with them all.

That makes this a combination of a travel book and an interesting insight into the lives of people who are, well, different to most of us. Theroux�s narrative is detailed and fair � he manages to deal with all of his interviewees without ridicule. Like his travel writer father Paul, Louis Theroux isn�t afraid to have his own opinions out there in black and white, regardless of what others might think about them. As a whole, the book will give any traveler around the United States a whole new outlook on what might be found on your journey.