Lonely Planet’s Year of Festivals Book Review

Deciding where to go on your next big trip is sometimes difficult – it’s a big, wide world out there. But now that I’ve got a copy of Lonely Planet’s new A Year of Festivals: A Guide To Having the Time of Your Life, choosing a destination gets easy, and it all depends on the time of year.

A Year of Festivals Travel Guide

A Year of Festivals Travel Guide

A Year of Festivals is a chronological arrangement of several hundred festivals that take place across the world. From the Bikaner Camel Festival in India in January, through to the l’Esacalade chocolate festival in Geneva in December, the book includes when and where information plus paragraphs of history and explanations of each festival, and great color photos.

All this leads to a pretty inspiring read and a lot of new ideas about where to go on holiday. Other features include a “participation rating” which shows you how hands-on your involvement in each festival can be, from a “just watching” kind of level to a total involvement. There are also special sections at the back on the various Mardi Gras festivals, religion and food, plus a Top 10 List for the ultimate round-the-world festival trip.

If you’re looking for a destination with a difference, time your visit for one of the festivals you’ll find in this book and you’ll have more than the usual number of stories to tell when you get back home.

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